George Soros Right-Hand Man Caught Red-Handed, Claimed To Rape Daughter, Had Sex Dungeon

(Republican Insider) – It seems there’s a strong possibility that Howard Rubin might end up destroying George Soros in the same way that many rich folk were annihilated by human trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, which is a good thing, but also a bad thing, because it means people were victimized by these sick and twisted individuals.

According to a new report published by WND, Rubin works as a money manager and was the “right-hand man” for Soros, a leftist billionaire who has been using his vast wealth to push for socialism and communism in America.

Rubin was employed by the Soros Fund during the years of 2008 to 2015, having come out of retirement to take the position.

Now Rubin has found himself the subject of a new court case in which he has been accused of multiple women of engaging in sick sadistic sex-for-hire practices that they say went far beyond what they had all consented to do.

Rubin has a well earned reputation for being volatile, but this isn’t what most people would expect from the man and his career.

“During 30 years on Wall Street, Rubin established a solid record working at other high-end investment firms. He was immortalized in “Liar’s Poker,” the debut book by Michael Lewis of “Moneyball” and “The Big Short” fame. In it, Rubin described how “the trading floor at Salomon Brothers felt like a Las Vegas casino. You made your bets, handled risk, in the midst of a thousand distractions,” the report detailed.

“I saw him throw a chair on the trading floor,” a former co-worker went on to say, according to a report by the Post. “He said, ‘F***. I just lost $50 million!’ and threw a chair at his computer. Then he came back and threw it a second time, even harder. That sums up Howie: High strung, aggressive, does not hold back his feelings. He was a trader whose ego was tied up in being the biggest swinging d*** on Wall Street.”

Other individuals saw Rubin as just a normal, average guy for someone who occupied that position.

“I thought he was a nice guy,” another one of his co-workers at Soros Fund Management stated during a chat with the Post. “He was a nebbishy Jewish guy and totally normal. I was surprised to hear about him having that apartment.”

The “apartment” is a reference to a hidden real estate acquisition of Rubin’s, which is also described as a “luxurious midtown Manhattan penthouse in the Post’s report. Allegedly, this place served as BDSM sex “dungeon” in which the accused sexually assaulted and abused numerous women, a few Playboy playmates among them.

“In November, Rubin’s purported proclivities will be on full display as six of his seven alleged victims will have their day in court, suing the 66-year-old Rubin for $18 million, according to the Post,” the WND report said, adding, “The women were sex workers — but the abuse they endured, they said, wasn’t what they were hired for.”

“[Rubin] is alleged to have paid his partners as much as $5,000 for each BDSM session. But, the women claim, they did not agree to the degree of abuse and degradation Rubin inflicted,” the Post stated in the piece published on Saturday.

“One of the plaintiffs claims that, while she was bound and vulnerable in Rubin’s lair, he told her ‘I’m going to rape you like I rape my daughter’ and then, according to the complaint, forced sex on her against her will. (Rubin has three children with his estranged wife, including at least one daughter.)” the Post reported.

It should be noted that as of now there is no evidence Rubin actually raped his daughter. He only told a woman that during a forced sex act.

After the women were hired they stated that they “wound up in Rubin’s dungeon, with its red walls and white carpet. Sex toys were alphabetized and an X-shaped ‘St. Andrews cross’ — a device on which submissives are restrained, spread-eagle, at the wrists, ankles and waist — took pride of place.”

“Two of the women — Playboy international playmates Mia Lytell and Amy Moore — said they thought Rubin intended to engage in “some mild fetish games and perhaps take photos, neither expected to be restrained in this manner [bound with rope and tape and gagged] or to be actually beaten,” the report said.

The lawsuit in question goes on to state that when one of the women “screamed or protested during a session, Rubin would simply become more violent.” The suit also accuses Rubin of “beat[ing a woman’s] breasts so badly that her right implant flipped.”

According to the court documentation, the injury suffered from the beating was so bad that the woman’s “plastic surgeon was not even willing to operate on her breasts.”

“In short, they are each alleging that they were brought to New York and taken advantage of,” John Balestriere, who represents the women, went on to say “Allegations come down to [the women] saying they were physically and sexually abused.”

The defense for Rubin is admitting that he engaged in truly disgusting sexual practices, but did so with the consent of the women involved.

“A motion for summary judgment filed by Rubin attorney Edward McDonald states that the women “signed strict non-disclosure agreements, with penalties of at least $500,000 if broken, and acknowledgment that violent sex, with a risk of injury, is what they were consenting to and being paid for,” the Post went on to say in its report.

“Each of the women, all adults, had explicit knowledge of the highly paid sexual arrangements for which they willingly traveled,” McDonald said to the Post in a statement.

“Multiple women confirmed consent through text messages before and after their encounters, returned for multiple encounters, arranged for their closest friends to engage in the same sexual activity and repeatedly solicited Mr. Rubin long after their final encounters,'” the report stated.

Balestriere has argued that the women involved in these horrific incidents didn’t have a sufficient opportunity to look over the non-disclosure agreements that they signed, nor did they really understand their implications.

“None of these women came to New York knowing that they would be physically and sexually abused. They did not consent to what did end up happening. The key factor is that Mr. Rubin said these individuals consented to the physical and sexual violence perpetrated against them. Our six clients say they did not consent,” the report revealed.

At the end of the day, this man is totally depraved and disgusting. Here’s to hoping the suit gets sorted out and Rubin pays, in some form, for the crimes he likely committed against these women.

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