Disturbing: Newborn Baby Wrapped In Plastic Instead Of Mother’s Arms Because… COVID

(Republican Insider) – It’s truly sad to see how many millions of Americans have been so easily manipulated by the mainstream media and the globalist elites who are dead-set on destroying America.

Not only are these deluded Americans OK with the destruction of the greatest country the world has ever seen, they’re cheering it on and patting themselves on the back for being so “woke.”

It’s alarming and disheartening.

Those of us who see the COVID charade for exactly what it is are immediately labeled “conspiracy theorists” or “COVID-deniers” but the truth is we recognize that COVID is a real virus that can make people sick and even kill some but the response to it has been a well orchestrated, intentional effort by the progressive left to isolate and control free Americans.

The globalist agenda can never come to fruition until America is brought to its knees and make no mistake about it, the entire COVID pandemic has been the most bold and wide-sweeping effort yet to do just that.

The push to isolate and control us is still moving full-steam ahead. Illegals are allowed to flood our southern border without having to be tested for COVID at all while American children in many places are still not back in school.

One heartbreaking video has surfaced on social media showing a mother and her newborn baby separated by a sheet of plastic. The mother is attempting to soothe her just-born baby but what the baby needs is the mother’s touch.

This is where we are in America. A brand new mother has been convinced that the only way to protect her baby is through a plastic covering. It’s a truly disturbing sight.

Many on Twitter expressed their disgust and sadness after watching the video with many using terms like “disgusting,” “very sad,” and “madness,” to describe it.

One user pointed out just how dystopic things could get in the US if this kind of mentality is permitted and not put into check:

Another said what many are thinking, that the video makes her angry. Anybody who’s ever birthed a child can relate to that sentiment.

One user hit the nail on the head and pointed out, “The fact that people don’t realize this is all psychological manipulation to isolate individuals and make them easier to control is really both sad and terrifying.”

Yet another tried to understand how any parent could be OK with their newborn being swaddled in plastic after being born:

Joe Biden has said his administration was going to restore science but nobody seems to care about what the CDC has to say anymore. The charade continues.

According to the CDC, “Current evidence suggests that the risk of a newborn getting COVID-19 from their mother is low, especially when the mother takes steps (such as wearing a mask and her washing hands) to prevent spread before and during care of the newborn.”

Not only that, extensive research proves that skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby within a newborn baby’s first moments is critical for proper and healthy development including breathing, heart rate, blood sugar, and temperature.

Clearly, wrapping a baby in plastic and preventing it from feeling its’ mothers’ touch is just another form of social engineering and manipulation that serves absolutely no purpose other than to further condition people to stay isolated from each other.

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  1. The baby was INSIDE the mother’s womb, being fed through the umbilical chord attached to both the mother and the baby – it wasn’t wrapped in plastic in her womb. Stupid, stupid, stupid and very cruel to them both. Too bad no one has any shame anymore!! The nurse that brought the baby into the mother should have been horribly ashamed and embarrassed to have done that. The mother had every right to remove the plastic from around the baby and let the baby feel the skin of mother, so as to begin the physical bonding. What do they expect? That the baby will be wrapped in plastic from both to adulthood? Please hurry Jesus, there is a society of scared, stupid, idiots running things.


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