Don Jr: This 2024 Presidential Candidate Is A ‘Democrat Plant’

(Republican Insider) – A lot of people these days are labeled “conspiracy theorists,” a title that was originally invented to discredit and give a bad name to anyone who dared to question the official narrative of the day’s events. So, it’s not surprising that many seemingly off the wall ideas or suggested explanations for events are popping off in modern America. What’s really problematic is that several of the so-called “conspiracy theories” have, as of late, turned out to be completely true. Suddenly, the individuals who thought outside the box and were a bit eccentric, are the folks who are in tune with what’s really going on.

Much of this is due to the fact that those who think like this are able to see connections and patterns the rest of us tend to overlook. It’s these small, seemingly insignificant facts, that end up unraveling deep, dark webs of corruption.

As per a report from NBC News, Donald Trump Jr., the son of former President Donald Trump, recently spoke to his father’s supporters in the critical battleground state of Iowa where he stated that he believes the independent presidential campaign of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a calculated move by masterminds in the Democratic Party to undermine his dad’s election efforts.

“It legitimately always felt like it was a Democrat plant to hurt the Trump thing,” Trump Jr. explained. “He wouldn’t be there if the Democrats didn’t want him.”

“On the surface, conventional wisdom suggests that a Kennedy campaigning for president should hurt the incumbent Democrat. Anecdotally, however, Kennedy has had an unmistakable appeal to some anti-establishment voters, including Republicans,” Michael Schwarz of The Western Journal said.

“For instance, in an August interview with Tucker Carlson on X, Kennedy asserted what many Americans who distrust the deep state already suspected: that the CIA had a hand in the 1963 assassination of his uncle, John F. Kennedy. Then, when Carlson asked about reported U.S. bio-labs in Ukraine, Kennedy gave a very matter-of-fact answer,” Schwarz continued.

“We have bio-labs in Ukraine because we’re developing bio-weapons,” RFK Jr. answered.

Kennedy has a well-earned reputation for being anti-vaccine, at least when it comes to the coronavirus jab. Trump Jr. noted that this is one of the big factors causing so many individuals to be intrigued by Kennedy, especially those belonging to the anti-establishment crowd. However, the former president’s son issued a warning to his father’s supporters to look past this one issue.

“Once you actually look at his voting record, you’re like, no, he’s just a liberal that is anti-vax,” Trump Jr. added. “Being anti-vax, I don’t think that’s enough.”

He’s right. That definitely seems to sum up Kennedy in a nutshell. And Trump Jr. is also right about a single issue not being enough. We have to look at economic policies, foreign policy, his stance on free speech and upholding the Constitution, and of course, abortion.

“RFK Jr. will be a vessel for anti-lockdown and anti-Fauci voters if Trump is the nominee,” Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida commented in New Hampshire earlier this month.

Schwarz described the current position of Kennedy’s campaign as being a “genuine wild card.”

“Likewise, according to the New York Post, Kennedy has also expressed support for race-based reparations, though he later modified that stance,” Schwarz reported. “On the other hand, with the exception of a benign-sounding reference to environmental clean-up, Kennedy has not identified any of those insidious liberal initiatives among his campaign’s priorities. Instead, he has focused on traditional working-class concerns such as housing, civil liberties and ending foreign wars.”

It seems RFK’s strategy is based around downplaying his liberal stances, while working to shine a spotlight on the more populist positions in order to play to that crowd. That’s Trump’s bread and butter when it comes to the election. So it would definitely seem Kennedy is attempting to appeal to some of that same crowd with his anti-vaccine rhetoric.

Is it all a plot by Democrats or simply a smart move by an ambitious man who wants to be the head honcho of the greatest nation on earth? Guess we’ll have to find out as time moves forward.

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