Even NY Times Is Hitting Biden: Brutal Article Paints Picture Of Helpless POTUS

(Republican Insider) – This might shock folks across the country but it seems the New York Times is finally revealing just how much of a disaster Joe Biden’s approach to border security, which is nothing more than undoing everything President Donald Trump did while in office, has been for this country and how absolutely clueless he is to try and deal with the situation as the White House struggles to find a way to cope with the fallout.

According to The Western Journal, the extremely biased left-wing publication is turning a rather harsh light on the reality that, despite all of the propaganda pushed about Trump and his hard-hitting speech against illegal immigration, good policy concerning the border is not something that comes from sunshine and rainbows.

“No, while the oftentimes wildly misleading negative news coverage that the Trump administration border enforcement agencies received drove Biden to campaign heavily on a more ‘humane’ approach to illegal immigration, once he took office, the flowery promises turned into a great, big, inhumane disaster once he took office, the Times reported Saturday,” the report stated.

I mean, you know that a situation like this is extremely bad, we’re talking dire straits, if the NY Times is coming down hard on the administration for this.

According to the report, while aides argued, the GOP took an opportunity to pounce which led to Biden resorting to begging for his staffers to tell him what he should do. That’s how weak the leadership in the White House is right now.

“Who do I need to fire to fix this?” the president apparently exploded during a meeting held in the Oval Office concerning the border crisis back in March 2021, according to the report from the Times.

“Mr. Biden came into office promising to dismantle what he described as the inhumane immigration policies of President Donald J. Trump,” the report went on to say. “But the episode, recounted by several people who attended or were briefed on the meeting, helps explain why that effort remains incomplete: For much of Mr. Biden’s presidency so far, the White House has been divided by furious debates over how — and whether — to proceed in the face of a surge of migrants crossing the southwest border.”

“Biden advisers and other administration officials have clashed constantly over how to handle the wild influx of illegal immigration that White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain admitted to staffers is likely to hurt the Democrats — badly — come November,” the WJ stated in its report.

“Last summer, Klain held a meeting with several senior aides, including domestic policy adviser Susan Rice, homeland security adviser Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall and immigration adviser Amy Pope, during which he ‘told them that they needed to make sure the administration was not pandering to people who wanted an immediate end to Trump-era border restrictions,’ according to sources who spoke with the Times,” the report continued.

“If they did not find a way to deter soaring illegal crossings at the southwest border, he said, accusations about border chaos would grow worse, anger moderate voters and potentially sink the party during the 2022 midterms,” the outlet went on to say.

Unlike many of the issues the Biden administration has covered up their lack of progress on, you can’t fake fixing illegal immigration. Officials from within his administration have clashed as they continue to weigh out rolling back some of the Trump era policies currently in place or keeping them going so that they can continue to try and keep everything from falling completely apart.

“One of the most fraught debates inside the West Wing over the last year has been what to do about Mr. Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy, which forced migrants seeking asylum to wait south of the border until their cases were decided,” the Times stated.

“Human rights advocates assailed the conditions in Mexico, where migrants often stayed in squalid camps where they had no legal representation and were at risk of assault. As a candidate, Mr. Biden had condemned the program. Once in office, he quickly terminated it,” the report added.

“But it was one program that had been effective at keeping some migrants out of border detention facilities. During a meeting last summer convened to discuss options for dealing with the record numbers of migrants at the border, Ms. Sherwood-Randall raised the possibility of restoring the program, with some additional protections for migrants, according to two people familiar with the matter,” it said.

“Activists outside the administration were horrified and Biden himself wasn’t thrilled about the idea, but he said he would ‘not forbid’ his staffers from exploring the notion, although ‘he made it clear that he did not want the idea leaking to the news media — and he did not want his name attached to it,’ the report said,” Western Journal reported.

The Supreme Court would go on to force the Biden administration to put the policy back in place.

All the while, the border crisis continued to explode with record-high crossings, which included over 214,000 migrants being taken into custody during July of 2021, the largest total in a single month in over twenty years.

“Agencies in charge of enforcing border security and housing and processing illegal immigrants are bracing for another busy summer with the administration’s announcement that it is ending Title 42 enforcement as of May 23. The legal provision was used by the Trump administration to return illegal immigrants to their country of origin amid the coronavirus pandemic,” the report stated.

And what’s worse is Biden’s plan, which everyone has been waiting for, which was just put out last month, won’t be put in place in time to put a dent in things.

Reports also reveal that Joe Biden has reportedly been extremely annoyed that his aides have not been able to cook up some kind of plan to solve this situation. His aides have also been at each other’s throats over clashing on sound policy, which has made such a splash that even the NY Times is covering the story.

Part of the problem is that Biden is trying to look like he’s controlling the border crisis while also appearing like he’s not really enforcing border policy so that he doesn’t lose face with his base.

You can’t just allow thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens to flood into the country. It puts a serious strain on our resources and contrary to what liberals believe, the vast majority of Americans understand this basic truth. We want to see our president taking control of the chaos and restoring order. Biden is clueless as to how to do that.

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