Ex-FBI Assistant Director Slams ‘Wholesale Takeover’ Of Bureau By Leftists

(Republican Insider) – A retired chief of criminal investigations for the FBI delivered an epic smackdown against his former agency, stating that it has given up its independence it was given by Congress under U.S. law and is currently nothing more than a tool in the hands of liberal ideologues working inside the Department of Justice who have applied pressure to agents to participate in domestic spying and censorship. This is a truly damning statement coming from someone who used to work inside the bureau.

Americans have witnessed the FBI transform into a blunt force weapon used to demolish the rights and freedoms we the people are supposed to be guaranteed under the Constitution as liberals work around the clock to silence their political opposition. We saw their thuggery in full force when the agency raided former President Donald Trump’s Florida residence, along with their persecution of pro-life activists, among many other examples.

John Solomon of Just the News wrote, “Ex-FBI Assistant Director Chris Swecker on Tuesday became the latest law enforcement or political figure to support creating an independent commission modeled after the U.S. Senate’s 1970s Church Committee to investigate the FBI’s practices and impose reforms on the storied law enforcement agency.”

He spoke to the folks at JTN, revealing that issues over at the bureau began with the politicization of the agency’s ranks by the Justice Department.

“What I see is that it’s basically a wholesale takeover by the Department of Justice, which is filled with political appointees in every top position, and then by extension, right into the administration,” Swecker went on to say in an interview on the John Solomon Reports podcast (listen here).

“You see DOJ people — and many of the top executive positions inside the FBI now — you see people that have made a career out of bouncing in and out of silk-stocking law firms between the Department of Justice and then these law firms. And I have to say they are incredibly liberal in their politics. And that has now sort of taken over the FBI, and they are inserting that ideology into their high-profile investigations,” he added.

“Swecker, a lawyer himself, said one of the many tell-tale signs that the FBI has lost its independence is the bureau’s relationship with Big Tech firms, as exposed by recent internal file releases by Twitter and a lawsuit filed by the attorneys general of Louisiana and Missouri,” Solomon asserted.

He explained that the original partnerships were created to be a legitimate counter for foreign influence operations here in the United States on social media, however they’ve now turned into spying and censorship operations that are having a negative impact on the very people they were supposed to protect.

“The FBI has an industry outreach program to help exchange information with industry, helping in the counterintelligence efforts of the FBI. This has gone well beyond that,” he remarked. “This is nothing but domestic spying, and this is nothing but suppression of First Amendment rights and ideas.”

Swecker then noted that the FBI’s role in pressuring Twitter and other social media platforms to censor posts from Americans that might have a perspective that goes against an established narrative “needs to be the first line of inquiry” during a new Congress.

“A growing number of prominent figures — including House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, incoming House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan and retired FBI intelligence chief Kevin Brock — have embraced the idea that Congress should create a blue-ribbon panel modeled after the 1970s Church Committee to probe where the FBI has gone astray and to craft meaningful reforms,” Solomon reported.

He went on in the interview to say he believes this is the right approach, pointing out that while he’s still buddies with Christopher Wray, he thinks the current bureau director has allowed the agency to lose the trust of the general public. That is an understatement of biblical proportions. If you have any sort of faith left at all in the FBI you’re either a super kind, gracious person or a complete fool.

“The Church Committee was a full inquiry into what were perceived to be some very serious abuses by the FBI in the domestic surveillance area, in terms of watching U.S. citizens doing things involving U.S. citizens that were considered to be abuses of their power,” he commented during the interview with Solomon. “And I think we’ve come full circle here.”

“Swecker said the FBI’s involvement in labeling school parents ‘domestic terrorists,’ and its ‘bare-knuckles’ pursuit of Donald Trump contrasted with its ‘kid gloves cases’ against Hillary Clinton, Andrew McCabe and Hunter Biden have not only shaken public trust but also the internal confidence of the FBI,” Solomon declared.

“I’m telling you the retired agent community and many agents inside the FBI on active duty are saying this needs to be looked at,” Swecker observed. “I’m not [a] big fan of congressional inquiries, but they need to shine some light on this.”

Swecker himself has experience with independent inquiries as he chaired the independent commission that launched a probe into the culture at the Army base located in Fort Hood, Texas which led to the killing of a female soldier.

“Swecker, who retired as the assistant director for criminal investigations after 24 years inside the FBI, said the bureau’s problems have been long in the making, beginning near the end of Director Robert Mueller’s term and accelerating under his successors, James Comey and Christopher Wray,” Solomon continued.

“I think there’s a cultural shift that started late in Mueller’s term and then we got into sort of full stride in Comey’s term, and is now being sort of perpetuated under Chris Way’s term, and that is that [the] DOJ has basically taken over the FBI,” he stated during the show. “They were supposed to have some independence despite being a Bureau under the Department of Justice.”

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  1. The FBI has always been used as a Political Tool since Woodrow Wilson. Then, it was known as just the Bureau of Investigation. Just about every Democrat President used the FBI to attack those that spoke against them, from Wilson to Joe “McSniffy Schitz-His-Pants ” Biden.
    In reality, the FBI should have been shut down and disbanded for a hundred years.


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