Ex-Trump Special Assistant Drops Bombshell: Biden Has Made Things So Bad That His Own Federal Employees Miss Trump

(Republican Insider) – Not only is Biden wildly unpopular and loathed among American citizens but it turns out federal employees feel the same way about him.

According to James Sherk, former special assistant to President Trump for domestic policy, federal employees actually miss working for President Trump now that they’ve had some time under the usurper-in-chief Biden.

In an Op-Ed for The Western Journal, Sherk notes that surveys show federal employees job satisfaction has significantly fallen under Biden. It’s dropped 5 percentage points in just one year and, according to Sherk, “Biden claims to champion federal employees, but many of them do not like the job he is doing.”

Of course, this data is completely opposite of the narrative spewed by the mainstream media. No surprise there.

Sherk wrote:

Trump came into office promising to drain the swamp and hold the federal bureaucracy accountable. He signed numerous executive orders making it easier to fire federal employees and crack down on government waste.

Washington reacted like Count Dracula to a garlic lover’s pizza.

One federal union called Trump’s efforts a “war on the professional civil service.” Another called these efforts an “assault on the rights of federal employees.” House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer of Maryland — whose district includes many federal employees — said they showed “disdain for those who have served our nation.”

Federal employees themselves disagree.

The Office of Personnel Management conducts the annual federal employee viewpoint survey. This massive survey — with hundreds of thousands of respondents — shows federal employee job satisfaction rose throughout the Trump administration. In 2020, it reached an all-time high: Seventy-two percent of federal employees reported being satisfied with their jobs.

The media, of course, would have us all believe that federal job satisfaction has continued to rise under Biden, that it’s never been higher, that fed employees have never been more satisfied and content but the reality is that despite promising to “reinstate and expand” their protections, federal employees are just not that thrilled with Biden.

In fact, they’re so unhappy with Biden, the 5 percent drop in job satisfaction during 2021 is the largest one-year drop ever to be recorded. Ouch.

Employee job satisfaction in the federal workforce fell significantly more last year than in the overall economy (down 2 percentage points). Federal employees are now reporting that they’re less satisfied with their jobs than at any point during the Trump administration.

What happened? Aside from a tyrannical regime taking over, Sherk says:

The reality is federal unions and their congressional allies do not speak for most federal workers. With a few exceptions (like Customs and Border Protection), union membership is low in most agencies. Fewer than 1 in 5 federal employees are union members. Many union members join primarily to get stronger job protections. Their views do not reflect those of the broader federal workforce.

Most federal employees are frustrated with how hard it is to fire poor performers — they do not like having to pick up the slack. The FEVS consistently shows low federal employee satisfaction with how agencies address poor performers.

While Biden promised to restore federal employees’ protections, it turns out that wasn’t exactly a popular move. A DC trade publication survey of federal employees’ views on Trump’s executive order making it easier to fire poor performers showed federal employees actually overwhelmingly supported it by a 2 to 1 margin.

As Sherk noted, “The issues that rile federal unions do not bother most federal employees.”

It really should come as no surprise that President Trump delivered a well-run workplace for federal employees while Biden has failed in that area, like every other area where Trump succeeded.

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