Fiery Cross-Examination: Michael Cohen Spars With Trump’s Defense Attorney

(Republican Insider) – It only took 60 seconds into the cross examination of former Trump attorney Michael Cohen for the former president’s defense attorney, Todd Blanche, to start throwing haymakers at one of the biggest issues Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is facing in the so-called “hush money” trial: the credibility of Cohen, his “star witness.”

According to the latest report from the Daily Caller, Blanche kicked off the cross examination by posing a question that has been asked of many witnesses, which is whether he and Cohen had ever had a conversation before. However, the follow-up was a missile fully designed to torpedo the character of Cohen and shine a spotlight on his heap of insults hurled against Trump on social media.

Trump’s lawyer asked Cohen if he had went on TikTok and referred to him as a “crying little sh*t” not long after the trial began. Cohen then replied, “Sounds like something I would say.” And that was more or less the same kind of answer he gave every time Blanche mentioned past statements made by Cohen, such as the time he referred to the former president as a “boorish, cartoon misogynist” during the very first episode of his podcast.

“The examples were only a few Blanche used to demonstrate that Cohen simply cannot stop talking about Trump, even when instructed to do so by prosecutors,” the piece said.

“Blanche’s questions frequently jumped back and forth in time and, so far, have not really addressed the substance of the charges. But they all had one central thrust: highlighting Michael Cohen’s motives and questionable credibility,” the article continued. “To highlight his motives, Blanche went on to ask about Cohen’s hopes that cooperating with investigators would result in a reduction in his sentence and the money he made from his book, media appearances and podcast, where he frequently talks about Trump.”

“Blanche likewise pointed out Cohen’s desire for Trump to be convicted — a desire Cohen has repeatedly vocalized. The jury at one point saw a t-shirt from Cohen’s podcast store showing Trump in an orange jumpsuit behind bars, which Blanche noted he wore on his TikTok live stream just last week. Judge Juan Merchan on Friday instructed prosecutors to tell Cohen to stop speaking publicly about Trump and the case,” the Daily Caller’s report added.

At one point during the cross examination, Blanche asked Trump’s former lawyer if he had been lying in the past when he expressed admiration for the former president in public statements. “At that time, I was knee deep into the cult of Donald Trump,” he responded.

Prosecutor Susan Hoffinger concluded her own examination of Cohen by asking him if he had “any regrets” about having been associated with Trump in the past. He answered in the negative, noting that he didn’t regret his time serving in the Trump Organization, however, he did regret carrying out tasks for the man himself that he says he “should not have” done, claiming he violated his own “moral compass.”

The change in his thoughts and feelings on Trump came as a result of conversations with his family.

“Why are you holding onto this loyalty?” Cohen recounted, sharing that it was a discussion he had with family while he was being investigated by the Southern District of New York back in 2018 that sealed the deal for his betrayal. He claims his family told him they were supposed to be his main loyalty, not Trump.

“On Monday, Cohen testified that Trump both directed him to make the payment to Stormy Daniels and supported the plan to reimburse him with allegedly falsified business records that is at the heart of the case. Continuing on this point, Cohen said Tuesday that he discussed the reimbursement payments with Trump during a private Feb. 8, 2017, conversation in the Oval Office,” the DC stated in conclusion.

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  1. I have no doubt that these jurors will believe every word this lying a**hat says. They all hope to hang DJT from the highest pole they can find. They hate him with a passion.


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