Fight Surges Over Joe Biden’s OTHER Paperwork Scandal

(Republican Insider) – Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch has announced it filed an appeal brief with the Delaware Supreme Court on behalf of the group itself and the Daily Caller News Foundation, requesting that it overturn a decision from a lower court that blocks the release of documents about the Senate records of President Joe Biden, which are housed at the University of Delaware. Things are getting bad, bad, bad for Biden, aren’t they? Let’s hope that something good comes out of these efforts that will restore some of the American people’s faith in the country and the government.

According to Judicial Watch, “Biden’s papers include more than 1,850 boxes of archival records from his 36-year Senate career. In July 2020 Judicial Watch and the Daily Caller News Foundation filed a Delaware Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit after the university denied their April 2020 requests for all of Biden’s Senate records and for records about the preservation and any proposed release of the records, including communications with Biden or his representatives (Judicial Watch, Inc. v. University of Delaware, No. N20A-07-001 MMJ (Del. Super.)).”

“In its appeal brief Judicial Watch asks the court to review a Superior Court opinion issued in October 2022 that found the university had met its burden of performing an adequate search for the requested records. The opinion came after the university had submitted a second affidavit from the university’s FOIA official stating that no state funds had been spent on maintaining the documents,” JW went on to say.

“The Opinion should be reversed. The Supplemented Affidavit is nothing more than a document filled with stale hearsay and vague [assertions without proof] which at best shows that the University did not engage in a diligent effort, as required by law, to review Appellants’ Requests. Appellants identified the deficiencies and asked to vet the assertions themselves. The Superior Court, however, simply granted the University “do overs.” Even after multiple attempts, the University has still not carried its burden to prove that the requested records are not subject to FOIA,” the watchdog group argued in the brief.

The brief continued, “Despite two attempts on remand, the University still has not satisfied its burden to create a record from which the Superior Court can determine whether the University performed an adequate search for responsive documents.”

Both Judicial Watch, along with DCNF, request the Supreme Court to overturn the ruling from the lower court and to allow the appellants limited discovery “to include at [a] minimum, a deposition of a representative of the University and production of documents … Alternatively, the Court should remand this case with instructions to order the turnover of the requested documents since the University has had more than adequate opportunity to satisfy its burden.”

“The University of Delaware has been sitting on Biden’s Senate records for more than 10 years and is desperate to avoid any scrutiny of its secret deal with Biden to hide these records …” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton remarked concerning the filing of the brief. “The latest revelations about Biden’s handling of ‘classified’ records raise even more questions about what Biden is hiding.”

“On day one, the White House said President Biden was committed to bringing ‘transparency and truth back to government.’ Apparently, the University of Delaware didn’t get the memo,” Daily Caller News Foundation Managing Editor Michael Bastasch also stated regarding the filing. “It’s shocking they’ve spent years fighting to keep these records hidden from the American people. Hopefully, the Delaware Supreme Court ends the University’s stonewalling.”

The Democrats always talk about how open and transparent they are, but in reality, they have practically an entire graveyard in their closets. That much has been made clear over the last decade or so, but especially in just the last few weeks with the discovery of the classified documents in private locations belonging to Joe Biden.

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  1. Getting past all the legal jargon, I gathered the attempts to access documents Biden has had in his possession over the lengthy period of 36 years has been met with disregard and even tinged with contempt.
    Yet democrats cringe and cry when they get back some of their own medicine as with Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff.

  2. I think the Republicans should file a suit against the University and Joe Biden for the papers Judical Watch is asking for! The public has a right to know what’s in those papers!! It’s for sure. Identify is not gong to tell the truth and neither is the University!!!


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