Former Congressman Explains What’s Really Behind Biden’s Vow To Nominate A Black Female To The Supreme Court

(Republican Insider) – Former Congressman Trey Gowdy decided to give the Democrats a little history lesson during the monolog at the end of his Fox News program that recommended Joe Biden set aside identity politics and actually choose the most qualified individual possible to replace Justice Stephen Breyer on the U.S. Supreme Court, rather than nominating someone based on their skin color.

Otherwise, Gowdy said, the president is going to send the wrong message.

According to BizPacReview, the ex-congressman said, “Joe Biden has promised to make the next Supreme Court Justice a black female. Americans — including a majority of Democrats — believe Biden should consider all nominees. So why not look for the most qualified candidates, period, Mr. President. I am fully convinced some of the names on that list would be black women.”

Gowdy made these comments during his “Sunday Night in America” show.

He then went on to make the claim that Biden wanting to make SCOTUS look more “diverse” is a hollow gesture because during the tenure of his career, “he opposed a black man, a black woman, an Hispanic man, and a mother, and all were qualified, and all would have made the court more diverse. But Biden said no.”

The former congressman then went on to tout fellow South Carolina resident and U.S. District Judge Michelle Childs, who is a state from “a state hardly known for quotas or affirmative action,” before she was unanimously confirmed by the U.S. Senate for the position she currently occupies.

“The people who know her, and worked with her, and appeared before her are universal in their praise for her character, and her intelligence, and her work ethic, and demeanor…There’s a difference between picking someone who is supremely qualified and happens to black, and picking someone because she is black,” Gowdy said.

“Childs is also receiving the support of U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and others on the GOP side. The judge appears at this time to be a moderate, however, and thus may not be acceptable for the Democrat’s progressive activist cohort,” the report from BPR said.

Gowdy called out Biden for his hypocrisy for insisting that the nominee to the bench has to be an African-American female as a campaign promise. During the time he served as senator, “If Biden had his way, the Supreme Court would have been all white, and that doesn’t look like America,” Gowdy stated.

The Fox News host then recalled how Biden had voted against Republican court nominees like Justice Clarence Thomas, filibustered for almost two years the nomination of Judge Janice Rogers Brown, who could potentially be a future SCOTUS nominee, to the D.C. Court of Appeals, and then blocked the very highly-respected attorney Miguel Estrada from ever getting an up-or-down vote at all concerning a position on the D.C. Circuit.

“President Biden may want the court to look like America, but Senator Biden most assuredly did not,” Gowdy continued.

“Gowdy also noted that Biden opposed the nomination of Trump appointee Judge Amy Coney Barrett. “So what could possibly look more like America than putting a mother on the High Court, especially one rated well-qualified by the American Bar Association?…so why did every single Senate Democrat oppose putting what would have been the only mother on the Supreme Court?” the report said.

“Joe Biden now claims he wants a court that looks like America, despite the fact that he whiffed when he could have done that in the past. In the process, he has refused to do the one thing that looks the very most like America – pick the most qualified person. I have every confidence that would have been a black woman. I wish you did too, Mr. President,” Gowdy said in conclusion.

Gowdy is right on the money. Who gets appointed to the court should have nothing to do with skin color or gender. Instead, it should be who is best suited for the job. And that would be someone who has a track record of upholding the Constitution and who has a deep understanding of its original intent.


It’s that simple.

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