Former Dem Rep Accidentally Drops Truth Bomb: Election Integrity “Could Really Cost Democrats Seats”

(Republican Insider) – Democrats know the only way for them to “win” elections is by cheating. They claim that Republicans’ efforts to tighten up election security and integrity is somehow restricting the rights of minorities to vote but it’s all just smoke and mirrors so they can maintain their strongholds through fraud, corruption, and lies.

It should be an insult to every person of color in America when Democrats claim that voter ID laws make voting difficult or impossible for them to vote. Yet, plenty of black Americans get on board with this lie even though they know, deep down, it’s just that; a bold-faced lie.

Now Democrats are in a full-blown panic. Between the Arizona audit wrapping up and other states like Georgia and Pennsylvania getting set up for audits they know their house of cards is soon to come crashing down.

That’s why they’ve been doing everything they can to not only stop the audits but stand in the way of common sense election reforms. They also rushed together an outrageous and partisan election “reform” bill in the House that would essentially legalize all of the illegal chicanery they’ve been involved in to “win” elections.

It’s all so obvious. It’s so obvious, in fact, that one Democrat couldn’t even stop herself from saying it out loud during an MSNBC interview.

Former Democrat Representative Donna Edwards from Maryland was part of an MSNBC panel on Thursday to discuss voter integrity legislation.

Edwards accidentally stated the truth. She said that if election integrity laws are passed at state level and if voter ID laws are implemented and if the practice of illegal ballot harvesting is outlawed then, quite simply, Democrats don’t stand a chance.

The MSNBC host said, “this political stalemate on voting rights legislation is because Congressional Republicans blocked it and the reality is reforming the filibuster doesn’t seem like an actual possibility with the votes in the Senate. What can the president actually do here?”

Edwards responded by first explaining that for Democrats the issue is “a moral crisis” because better election integrity and security laws means that minority voters will be “shut out of the process.” This is a downright, shameless lie.

She continued on, saying that it’s also a “political crisis for Democrats.”

“These rules and restrictive rules that have put in place in the state are such that it could really cost Democrats seats in the House and the Senate and that is how serious it is, and so I think that there’s going to have to be a level of urgency raised by the White House, by the president, by the vice president around the country both inside and outside strategy that is going to lift up the need to do voting rights, not in a year or down the line, but right now and I don’t know that I’ve seen that urgency yet.”

There is no “urgency” because they have no stable ground to stand on. Democrats know they are on a sinking ship and Republicans have had enough of their lies and games.

The lies that election integrity laws somehow disenfranchise minority voters are just patently false and Americans know it. That’s why there’s actually overwhelming support for election laws to be tightened up rather than made more lax.

This is one fight that we simply cannot allow Democrats to win. Republicans around the country must be strong now and hold the line.

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