Former DNI Says Law Enforcement Knows Hunter Biden’s Laptop Is ‘Real,’ And Not ‘Russian Disinformation’

(Republican Insider) – Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe recently weighed in on the second wave of interest concerning the alleged laptop of President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, which is back in the news again due to the fact the younger Biden released a memoir about his troubled past.

According to Infowars, Ratcliffe made an appearance on the Fox News program, “Sunday Morning Features,” where he went on to explain that federal law enforcement have been in possession of the laptop since well before the 2020 presidential election.

“To your point earlier about his book tour and the things that he doesn’t remember over the last four years, again, there was an FBI investigation ongoing at the time, before the election. It was Hunter Biden’s laptop,” Ratcliffe said on the show.

“The things on that laptop that the FBI and the Department of Justice have — those are real,” Ratcliffe went on to say. “But now the question is: will Joe Biden’s Department of Justice exercise prosecutorial discretion against Joe Biden’s son? I don’t know the answer to that. I know what the answer should be.”

Ratcliffe then shredded the 50 Deep State national security officials who wrote a letter last October that falsely claimed Biden’s laptop — which we all know now contains a treasure trove of information concerning the Biden family’s shade business dealings along with disturbing photos of all kinds of debauchery, including drug use — as “Russian disinformation.”

“To have 50 former Obama-Clinton-Biden national security officials come out after the director of national intelligence says this is not true, and protect a false narrative to protect Joe Biden and try and influence the outcome of the election, that is the definition of politicizing intelligence,” the former DNI said.

“And people ask me all the time about election interference and election influence, and yeah, we need to be concerned about Russia and China and Iran, but there’s no greater expression of that than what you just saw there — a completely false narrative,” he added.

“The intelligence community knew that this was not Russian disinformation, and law enforcement knew that it was Hunter Biden’s laptop — there was an open investigation into that, and yet those officials, supported by a corporate media, ran a false narrative and misinformed the American people.”

Ratcliffe then went on to admonish House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam “Shifty” Schiff for also making false claims about Biden’s laptop supposedly coming from the Kremlin.

“It’s about being truthful, and that’s why I came out at that time after Adam Schiff came out with a false political narrative about this being Russian disinformation when there was absolutely no intelligence to support that. And it shouldn’t surprise us — that’s what Adam Schiff does as a politician,” he continued.

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  1. Yea, I used to have respect for our national security people, but there at least 50 who are deep state liars and should be prosecuted for their knowingly false statements just to protect an asshole. Actually two assholes.

  2. I would not believe anything that this ASSministration would want you to believe. They have no RESPECT, MORALS, VALUES and ETHICS. They HATE the fact that MOST people are behind PRESIDENT TRUMP, and that we all know what happened in this election. If Baby Biden is not CHARGED with any crimes over this issue, You will know how deep this corruption is!!!!! Its time to REMOVE this ASSministration and put the rightful PRESIDENT back in the oval office.


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