Georgia Election: Over 7,700 Ballots Missing Tabulation Record In Cobb County

(Republican Insider) – The fraud that took place in Georgia’s 2020 election just keeps coming out and it’s become clear that the results should have never been certified.

There have been major issues with missing chain of custody documentation. Over 160,000 ballots are still missing this legally required documentation. Just last week, Dr. Kandiss Taylor and a team of audit volunteers discovered that 168,922 early advanced votes were without proper chain of custody documentation in Cobb County, Georgia, alone.

This week, Taylor made another disturbing discovery in Cobb County: 7,705 missing votes.

As part of the procedure for closing out a precinct for both advanced early voting and election day voting, workers must print the tabulation tapes from each ballot scanner.

The scanners are the machines that voters use to scan their ballots after they fill them out. When the ballots are scanned a record of the ballot is made on tabulator tape. The tabulator tape is literally an exact tally of the total number of votes from scanned ballots by all voters in the precinct.

The tabulator tapes are the only legal record of the votes and serve as a hardcopy source document of the computer memory card. They are taken to the Superior Court in each county for safekeeping.

These tapes are then used in the certification process of the election at the county level. The Secretary of State also uses the tapes which ultimately leads to the Governor’s formal certification of the state’s results.

Taylor discovered that the Cobb County Elections Director has failed to produce the missing tabulation tapes from two advanced voting precincts that are needed to support the election certification results for the auditing team.

The Election Director has, however, already overwritten the memory cards and the missing tabulator tapes cannot be recreated. That means there are literally 7,705 votes missing (screen shot here).

This is hugely problematic considering Joe Biden only “won” Georgia by around 12,000 votes.

When the Cobb County Election Summary Report is examined and compared to the tabulation tapes, it shows that there are 7,319 missing votes from advanced voting but does not show the 386 votes missing from Election Day. This makes 7,705 missing votes total.

The Director of Elections could not reproduce the tabulator tape information from the Secretary of State’s website and had to call in a Dominion technician to open the central tabulation server at the Cobb County office to retrieve the missing votes.

However, that information is not sufficient and is missing relevant information only contained on the tabulator tapes.

There were clearly major issues with following proper procedures in Cobb County, Georgia. Add to that the myriad of issues seen in Fulton County and it’s clear the results in Georgia never should have been certified.

It’s time for Republicans in Georgia to get serious and begin a full forensic audit on the 2020 election. Things do not add up in the state and the voters deserve answers.

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  1. He had a lot of information against the election certification and he ignored everything. I hope he does not like his job because I doubt his chance of reelection exist (unless they can recreate the 2020 procedures)

  2. Rassenberger is a corrupt fool who along with kemp is clearly on china’s payroll, it’s obvious that the entire state of Georgia’s legislature is also corrupt or on the day after the 2020 Presidential Election disaster along with the GBI they would have marched into both kemp & rassenberger’s office & arrested the whole lot of those corrupt fraudulent bastards. But instead, they went along with the racist pig abram & the media & to this day they continued to screw the voters of the Great State of Georgia, & as a voter in Cobb County I feel it’s past time for the truth to come out & kemp, rassenberger, sterling, abram & all the corrupt SOB’s need to be arrested, taken to GITMO, tried for treason & hung by they’re necks until death, of course abram’s gallow will need to be reenforced, it’s HeAnd r PAST time for the People of Georgia to get TRUE RETRIBUTION from these no good crooks then turn they’re attention to the corrupt bastards in Washington DC !!!

  3. Desperate democrat corruption. A well orchestrated national effert to steal the election. Republicians better pay attention. Like a criminal if you get away with it once they will try again.


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