‘GO WOKE, GO BROKE’: Disney’s ‘Lightyear’ Tanks At US Box Office… Mainstream Media Can’t Figure Out Why

(Republican Insider) – Despite Disney’s stock tanking and millions of Americans canceling subscriptions to Disney+ and even their vacations to Disney World, the company has clearly not learned their lesson.

Disney is going to go woke no matter how quickly it makes them go broke.

The entertainment giant’s latest movie, a spinoff of the wildly successful and beloved “Toy Story” franchise called “Lightyear,” has completely missed the mark at the box office after it was released in theaters Friday.

Disney made a big fuss about reinserting a completely unnecessary scene back into the movie featuring a lesbian kiss. Apparently they thought they were sticking it to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis after he and the Florida GOP successfully passed the Parental Rights in Education bill which caused leftists to have a collective meltdown.

Unfortunately for Disney, it’s consumers who they should be worried about and consumers have been speaking loud and clear. We don’t want LGBT propaganda inserted in children’s movies and TV shows, period.

Not only do American parents have an issue with Disney pushing the radical left’s sexual agenda but most countries in the world do not embrace LGBT-related themes like Americans are forced to.

Fourteen foreign markets banned the movie outright and there’s a good chance the largest foreign market for US films, China, will only release it there with edits (as is pretty common). However, according to Vice, Disney has refused to make any edits.

Apparently, this is the hill Disney wants to die on.

Actor Chris Evans expressed his displeasure with American parents who don’t want their children being exposed to LGBT-related themes in movies made for children. He called parents who object “idiots” and “dinosaurs” but apparently had nothing to say about the movie being banned in 14 foreign markets.

Producer Galyn Susman compared the scene to “showing failed relationships” on screen, implying that parents were hypocrites and bigots for getting upset over one but not the other.

These people are just so wildly out of touch.

The Daily Wire reported “Lightyear” brought in $51 million in its first weekend at the U.S. box office, which was enough for second place but nowhere near enough to take first place or anywhere near what analysts predicted the movie would bring in.

According to CNBC, the movie was expected to take in $70 million to $85 million domestically. Ouch.

The mainstream media and leftists, however, couldn’t seem to figure out why the movie did so poorly. Or at least they did a phenomenal job pretending they didn’t understand.

The Western Journal reported on how the mainstream media talked about literally anything except the lesbian kiss:

By Monday morning, numerous publications had dissected why the sources they talked to thought “Lightyear” underwhelmed, coming in behind “Jurassic World Dominion” in its second week of release.

While “Lightyear” didn’t have stellar reviews, it still finished with a 76 percent positive rating at the movie review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, with critics finding it pleasant, if slight. However, it wasn’t a lack of critical acclaim that kept crowds away — or, if it was, they didn’t read the reviews for “Jurassic World Dominion,” which sits at an astonishingly low 30 percent positive rating. It still earned $7.6 million more than “Lightyear” did at the box office.

So, what gives, considering the consensus was for about $70 million and up? The answer seems obvious, unless you write for a major mainstream media publication. I looked at a decent cross-section of “Lightyear” box-office postmortems, sifting through two articles from cable news networks about the flop, two from Hollywood trade publications, and one from a pop-culture magazine.

In all of that coverage, the lesbian kiss and the attendant controversy was only mentioned once — and that was in passing to explain why the film had been banned in over a dozen foreign markets, not as an explanation for its U.S. box office failure.

Disney, the left, and the media sycophants can pretend all they want that the LGBT agenda is directly turning people away from the entertainment giant but the truth is Disney has made no secret of which side of the political aisle they’re standing on.

This decision has alienated millions of parents and given them no choice but to walk away from Disney.

What’s really sad is that Disney doesn’t even appear to care. They’re not even remotely interested in why millions of Americans chose to sit out on Lightyear.

They don’t actually believe that people will walk away and stay away. It’s time for conservatives to show companies like Disney just how serious we are.

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  1. The media can’t figure out why this “movie” is tanking? Can you say WOKENESS? Disney has been living off, what I think is the Florida dole for years and now have to pay the price.

  2. Well, Disney who owns ABC destroyed my favorite soap opera by having homosexual relationships as perfect family types and the nicest people during the summer months where the kids watch. ONE LIFE TO LIVE which I watched and another soap opera which I didn’t watch all of a sudden had it’s main characters lesbians and homosexuals when they were not for years. Within a year and a half the first show was canceled after some 40 years and my show was cancelled after even more years. The blame game started blaming the viewers not what the viewers were suddenly getting, LGBT characters and their lives as perfect while normal characters were laying everybody and had rotten kids, etc., etc. ABC doesn’t care what the viewers want. ABC on my current soap opera that the media keeps knocking off the air to promote what the democrats are doing continue to have a transgender female who towers over females and men and is or was planned to be involved with a normal male until the actor in real life left for a good job in another state. Yes, the normal male thought a female transgender was fine and I was waiting for the male to turn up being a homosexual so “she” didn’t matter. In the meantime while ABC is making this transgender a major character. ABC fired two people we have liked for years because they wouldn’t take the covid shots right at the time CDC said people couldn’t be forced to take the shots. ABC fired them any way while keeping this LGBT transgender as a real life person. I at first moved through the scenes “she” was in but than the scenes were mixed with the transgender with major characters so we can’t avoid LGBT in our faces if we want to watch the rest of the show. Disney is going to lose this show if they don’t start thinking about what, we, the viewers want and don’t want. We stopped watching the other shows that were cancelled as the LGBT characters started taking over the show. We viewers can do it again.

  3. If Disney is run into the ground, hope a billionaire comes along and rescues it and runs the administrators into the ground.
    Much like Twitter.

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