Republican AZ Senator Calls For Audit Of All Counties That Used Voting Machines, Not Just In Swing States

(Republican Insider) – Republican Sen. Wendy Rogers from Arizona has now issued a call for audits to be completed on all counties that used voting machines during the 2020 presidential election.

According to the report published by Gateway Pundit, Rogers isn’t just talking about the state of Arizona, nor is she strictly talking about other swing states. No, she wants to see every single red state that used these machines be audited.

The question that is now on everyone’s mind is whether or not this is an omen that points toward what is going to come out in August when the final report comes out about Maricopa County. As of now, the Arizona Senate has been pretty tight-lipped about the results.

However, Rogers is absolutely right. So many weird things have happened concerning ballots that were cast in the previous election that we need to have every single red state perform an audit so we can get to the bottom of the issue.

If voter fraud occurred, and the evidence seems to highly suggest it did, then we need to know what happened and who was responsible so we can take proper actions to ensure that it never happens again.

We’ve already started to see other states in the country, particularly battleground states, start to try and workout plans for possible audits.

Pennsylvania Sen. Doug Mastriano has already held a private briefing with other Republican senators to discuss an Arizona style audit, even going so far as to contact a law firm to find out what kind of funding options are available for an audit.

Mastriano and others from Pennsylvania actually took a tour of the facility where the Arizona audit took place in order to get a look at how they were doing things.

Mastriano spoke with the Gateway Pundit and stated that the way Arizona was conducting the audit “is the model” for how Pennsylvania and other states should perform audits.

It’s pretty obvious that all of this is causing Democrats to freak out. In fact, according to GP, the Democrats have started to panic so badly that they’re trotting out former Vice President Al Gore to launch an attack against the AZ audit.

It’s critical that we begin to take actionable steps to uncover the truth about voter fraud that happened in every state in the country. The leftists who were responsible for stealing the current election need to be held accountable.

If we fail to preserve election integrity and ensure those who concocted this scheme are put in prison, we essentially lose our republic. The situation is that dire.

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  1. Once again I will say that the dems are scared to death that their voter fraud scheme is slowly being brought into the spotlight and they are trying to stop it by distracting “we the people” with other nonsense ridiculous issues like the racist CRT teachings, calling anything and everything that conservatives do racist and calling us white racists, trying to divide us by race and the list goes on and on and on. Now they are calling on Al Gore to stop the Arizona ballot audits and this, of course, will fail. No matter what Gore says it will not deter us from uncovering the voter fraud that was committed in 2020 and once we get the light shining on those responsible for the fraud, it will snowball through the other states where the last minute fraud occurred in the dark of night. WAKE UP AMERICA TO THE FAST THAT VOTER FRAUD OCCURRED AND THAT WE MUST UNCOVER IT IF WE WANT FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS IN THE FUTURE!


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