Holy Smokes! Fox News Actually Covers Election Fraud In Story About TX AG Ken Paxton Describing How Liberals Almost Stole Texas In 2020

(Republican Insider) – Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton conducted an interview with Maria Bartiromo’s “Sunday Morning Futures” program on Fox News, where he chatted about how the Democrats almost managed to steal the state of Texas in the 2020 election.

Folks, this is a huge deal. Ever since allegations of voter fraud emerged concerning the 2020 election, Fox News has more or less avoided giving such theories any sort of air time, regardless of how much evidence exists to prove there was shenanigans going on that resulted in former President Donald Trump being cheated out of a second term in office.

A report from Gateway Pundit says that Bartiromo asked Paxton about fraudulent activity that happened during the 2020 presidential election. And boy oh boy, Paxton did not hold anything back.

“Let me switch subjects and ask you about election integrity. This is a subject that is taboo. We’re not allowed to question the 2020 election. We’re not allowed to question what is going on in Arizona or in Georgia. What do you say to what is going on in Georgia and how Texas is similar to that situation? I mean around election 2020,” Bartiromo asked.

“Yeah, so if you look at election results from 4 years ago, Georgia and Texas were very similar. We fought off 12 lawsuits. We were sued 12 times over mail-in ballots. It was Harris County, it was Travis County, these big urban counties that wanted to mail out all of these ballots in violation of state law. Clearly what was not allowed by the state legislature. So, they did not want signature verification. We were told by a federal judge that this was unconstitutional. So we had… lawsuits… we won every one of them. Had we not won every single one of those lawsuits, I’m convinced that those ballots would have gone out and we would have been just like Georgia who decided to capitulate and sign consent decrees and say it’s OK. We’re going to let these mail-in ballots go out. We’re going to allow no signature verification. We’re going to allow drop boxes. All of those things had an impact and instead of Georgia and Texas having similar results this time because we defended those lawsuits, Trump won. We’re able to have a Republican legislature here and Georgia was completely turned,” Paxton replied.

“So are you saying that because of what we saw with mail-in ballots in Georgia, we’re questioning the results” Bartiromo followed up.

“I absolutely question. I know what happened here. They would have stopped counting just like they did in those states and they would have been counting mail-in ballots until they right number of votes and suddenly Trump loses and we lose the state House here… And it wouldn’t have been a legitimate count because we wouldn’t have followed state law,” Paxton responded.

This is huge. The fact that Fox News is chatting about this topic lends it much more credence as a legitimate story to the masses. Hopefully, people will begin to understand that the whole “voter fraud” stuff isn’t a conspiracy theory devoid of real and reasonable facts.

There’s a lot of evidence that backs up the theory of massive voter fraud on a scale we’ve never witnessed before in this country’s history.

We need to hope and pray that the audit in Arizona provides real, tangible evidence in support of voter fraud so we can justify calls for audits in other key battleground states and take action to preserve our election system.

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