HORROR! American Citizen Sentenced To Death In China

(Republican Insider) – An American citizen has been sentenced to death by the Ningbo Intermediate People’s Court Thursday. The sentence came as a result of the man being accused of stabbing to death a woman he described as his former girlfriend.

Shadeed Abdulmateen, of Los Angeles, had taught English at Ningbo University of Technology, according to the South China Morning Post. The woman, only named Chen by the court, became involved with Abdulmateen under the pretense that he was divorced, as he had informed her that he was. He was, however, still married, state broadcaster CCTV said.

The couple met in 2019 and started a relationship soon after. China’s state-run Global Times said that things got rocky when Chen expressed she wanted to end the relationship.

“Starting in May 2021, Chen said several times that she wanted a break-up, but she was always refused and verbally threatened by the man,” the Global Times reported.

According to the court, Abdulmateen met Chen, 21, at a bus stop in Ningbo, Zhejiang province in June 2021. The relationship ultimately ended when he stabbed her to death with a “folding knife,” according to the court.

CCTV reported that Abdulmateen’s “premeditated revenge killing, stabbing and cutting Chen’s face and neck several times, resulting in Chen’s death, was motivated by vile motives, resolute intent and cruel means, and the circumstances of the crime were particularly bad and the consequences particularly serious, and should be punished according to law.”

A spokesman for the United States Embassy in Beijing said that it was aware of the court ruling but that they could not give any information due to privacy issues and that they were “monitoring the situation.”

The South China Morning Post reported that there was initial fear that Abdulmateen would receive leniency because of the fact that he was not a Chinese citizen but an American citizen. However, that has not turned out to be the case at all.

Hu Xijin, a former editor-in-chief of state-run Global Times, asserted that a foreign identity cannot be used by criminals as a “protective umbrella for them to escape punishment.”

It’s also important to note that nowhere in Chinese law does it afford leniency or different legal status to foreigners than are granted to Chinese citizens.

While it may seem unusual to see an American sentenced to death in China, if Abdulmateen is guilty of murdering a Chinese citizen then he should not be above the law there.

CNN has reported that China is believed to be the world’s leader in executing criminals. We would imagine Abdulmateen will not have a lengthy wait to be executed, assuming the US does not intervene.

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  1. Your right. Damn shame we don’t treat murderers and other criminals the same way. They are not humane, but they expect the judicial system to be. I don’t like China, but……

  2. Is the guy Muslim because it his right as a Muslim to do as he wishes to his “partner” whether or not he wasn’t married to her. As a girl friend she can be considered his property in Islam. So, what’s the problem. He’s also allowed to have at the least four wives and in some Muslim sects he can have more as well as mistresses. Again, why isn’t his religion be given consideration as it is in Islam countries and in European including the U.S. countries.

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