HUGE UPDATE: Intel From CodeMonkeyZ Proves MI Election Leaders Destroyed Evidence

(Republican Insider) – For a long time now, we’ve all been sounding the trumpet on the election being stolen by Democrats. As more and more investigations come about due to the piling up of evidence in support of this idea, we’re seeing more and more desperate attempts by the radical left to cover up their evil deed.

For example, according to Gateway Pundit, there’s now more evidence that has popped up to prove that election officials in the state of Michigan knowingly destroyed evidence by removing the batteries from voting machines last month.

In fact, when they took this course of action they were already violating a cease and desist order, which goes to show you how brazen the radical left has become. They are now completely ignoring the law, in public, without a care in the world of being busted. It’s scary how much power progressives have culled away from the people of this country.

A total of five counties in the state moved forward with the plan to remove the batteries in these machines, despite the cease and desist order that was mailed to the counties.

“At least five counties in Michigan are reportedly moving ahead with the destruction of data from the 2020 Election on the voting equipment they used in the election. The problem with this is that the procedure that the vendor is performing reportedly removes all data from the machines but federal law states that information related to the 2020 Election is to be maintained in safekeeping for 22 months after the election. Also, all the counties in the state have been provided a ‘cease and desist’ order preventing them from removing the data from the machines,” the report said.

“According to Kagbro88 on Twitter, at least five counties have said they are moving ahead with the request from the state to remove the batteries in the machines which would also remove all memory from the machines,” it continued.

The counties of Midland and Manistee Counties are two of the five that decided to move forward with the state’s request.

Lake County stated at the time they were waiting to hear back from their lawyer, while Dickinson went ahead and moved forward with the “maintenance” of pulling out the batteries and changing them, knowing that doing so violated the law and erased data on the machines.

Iron County was another county that decided to fulfill the state’s request.

There has been piles and piles of evidence building up that fraud during the election isn’t the only shady business that has happened in key battleground states. We now know for a fact that election officials have been busy trying to destroy evidence that proves the election was stolen.

We must work hard and fast to ensure this evidence is exposed to the public and that legal action is taken to hold those involved in this mess accountable for what they have done.

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  1. Unbelievable fraud, the largest in American history. Trump won by a landslide and Biden has Alzheimers. We are the laughing stock of the world!
    He will never be recognized as a President by me and his nurse Jill who helped them all pull this off is last lady to me. Corrupt pieces of trash.

  2. Cease and desist order? That’s the first mistake! They should know by now that in order to hold the Democrats accountable they have to play with their rules! They should have confiscated all the machines without hesitation! Now it’s a losing battle.

  3. Crooks who are this blatant aren’t the least bit worried that they will be caught and punished because the fix is in. The leftists have their bases covered by the bought and paid for DOJ and congress. The theft of the election and it’s subsequent cover up was planned and brilliantly executed. At this point in time, even if cold hard evidence is presented, they’ll laugh it off and move on. The dismantling of the Constitution of the United States Of America and the rule of law is nearly complete. God has abandoned us.

  4. So what is going to be done about all of the illegal acts done by the democrats in Michigan to steal the votes for President Trump and give them to joe biden? Guess it will be the usual response to voter cheating and fraud – NOTHING! So again it is proven that it is perfectly okay to cheat and steal elections because Absolutely Nothing will be done to correct the theft. Cheating during the 2020 election has determined the outcome of election and the votes of the American people mean absolutely Nothing!


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