Is Liz Cheney Getting Rich Off Hunter Biden?

(Republican Insider) – Liz Cheney has proven she’s much more comfortable being allied with the radical left than her own party and her own constituents so it should come as no surprise at all to learn that Cheney’s husband, Philip Perry, is a partner at the same law firm representing Joe Biden’s scandal-plagued son, Hunter.

Hunter is in all kinds of trouble for money laundering and foreign lobbying and if Republicans take control of Congress after the midterm elections in November, his troubles could get even worse.

In other words, he’s a cash cow for Latham & Watkins, the law firm that Perry is a partner at. Liz Cheney is reaping the financial benefits of the corrupt Biden family.

Last week, a Daily Mail reporter sent an email to Hunter Biden’s attorney for comment on a story exposing new information regarding the extent Hunter used his family name for landing lucrative overseas business deals.

According to the Daily Mail, in 2014, then-vice president Joe Biden attended a meeting with two Chinese energy executives connected to Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals.

That meeting wasn’t the first or second time Joe Biden met with Chinese energy executives tied to his son, it was the fifteenth time. That’s a lot for someone who has long maintained he knows nothing about his son’s business affairs.

Nonetheless, an attorney named Christopher Clark, who is listed as a partner with Latham & Watkins, responded to the email, calling the Daily Mail reporter a “parasite” and spewed a bunch of other outlandish gibberish.

As you can see, Perry is also listed as a partner with Lathan & Watkins on the firm’s website.

Meanwhile, his wife is running for re-election on an anti-Trump platform and will soon learn her fate in the state of Wyoming with the primary being next week. Her constituents in Wyoming have had enough of her stumping for the establishment and the radical left. This latest news is just icing on the cake.

Cheney is so steeped in the Washington DC swamp she can’t possibly fairly and honestly represent the people of Wyoming any longer and the people there, don’t want her to.

Trump-endorses attorney Harriet Hageman is Cheney’s competition and she’s likely to win by big numbers in a state that easily went to Trump in 2020.

Cheney has even become so desperate to keep her seat she’s started appealing to Democrats in the state, begging them to switch parties. Even if Democrats in Wyoming did switch over just for the sake of supporting Cheney, she would still sorely lose as Republicans outnumber Democrats more than 200,000 to 43,000.

Perhaps it is Cheney who should officially switch parties. She no longer represents Republican interests and if Trump should run again in 2024, he certainly doesn’t need any opposition from within his own party’s ranks.

Even the New York Times ran a story highlighting just how pathetic Cheney’s re-election campaign has become.

“She no longer provides advance notice about her Wyoming travel and, not welcome at most county and state Republican events, has turned her campaign into a series of invite-only House parties,” the Times reported.

“What’s more puzzling than her schedule is why Ms. Cheney, who has raised over $13 million, has not poured more money into the race, especially early on when she had an opportunity to define Ms. Hageman,” the paper added. “Ms. Cheney had spent roughly half her war chest as of the start of July, spurring speculation that she was saving money for future efforts against Mr. Trump.”

Cheney is probably one of the most out of touch politicians in Washington DC. She seems completely unaware that it isn’t just Republicans in her home state that view her as a traitor. Republicans all across the US want her out of Congress. The GOP itself does too.

Yet, Cheney still seems to be laying the groundwork for a run at the presidency in 2024. Should she attempt to take on President Trump, it would be gloriously entertaining to watch him crush her.

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  1. Well, come August 16th we have to worry about her but for 5 more months. She will never in any State be elected as a republican for any office.


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