IT’S HAPPENING: Maricopa County Moving Voting Machines For Audit

(Republican Insider) – Folks, it’s finally happening. Voting machines located in Maricopa County are being moved to the location where auditors that were selected by the Arizona Senate are going to perform their audit of the results from the 2020 election.

If you listen real close, you can almost hear the liberals dropping to the fetal position and sucking their thumbs in total terror.

According to Gateway Pundit, the machines are being transported to the Veterans Memorial Coliseum for the audit. And it’s not just the equipment that’s going for a ride. They are also transporting 2.1 million ballots to this location as well.

Election officials have also announced the auditing process will be totally transparent. Meaning that they are going to allow the audit to be done live on camera where folks can actually tune in and watch the process for themselves.

The ballots themselves were loaded up onto trucks so they could be delivered to the massive 20,000 square footage site, which is located on the Arizona state fairgrounds.

The sheriff’s department in Maricopa County is providing security to help escort the ballots to the audit.

The fact that the Arizona State Senate is providing live video access for anyone around the country or even the world to watch the auditing happen in real-time might make this the most transparent audit in our nation’s history.

According to another report from Gateway Pundit, a total of nine different cameras have been set up to allow for this incredible level of transparency. The feed from these cameras will be available for the entire time that this audit is being done.

For those who want to watch the process, you’ll be able to see these feeds non-stop for the next three weeks or so. All you have to do is visit to tune in.

At this point, just keep praying that the Maricopa County Board Of Supervisors doesn’t try to step in once again and prevent this audit from happening. After all, this group of individuals has been working around the clock to stop this from happening.

The mainstream media has beaten folks over the head with insults for daring to suggest this election might have been rigged or stolen, trying to make people feel stupid for holding such a belief.

We’ve heard rumors that Antifa or BLM might try to interfere with the auditing process. In the recent past, the auditors themselves have been threatened by Democrats. Uncovering the truth is ugly business.

Let’s hope this gets completed properly and that we are finally given the truth of what happened in Arizona during the election.

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