Jesse Watters Triggers Leftists When He Shares Sneaky Way He Got Wife To Date Him

(Republican Insider) – During a segment on Fox News’ “The Five” Jesse Watters admitted to letting the air out of his now-wife’s tires in order to get her to date him during a conversation about radical left climate activists encouraging people to go around neighborhoods letting the air out of peoples’ SUV and truck tires.

Co-host Jeanine Pirro began the segment by explaining the “climate whackos” are encouraging people to take a stand for climate change by vandalizing private property. After she introduced the story she went around the group asking for their input.

When she got to Watters, she asked him if he thought the climate activists “are convincing their own left-wing progressives” with this type of tactic.

“It can be convincing,” Watters responded. “I was trying to get Emma to date me. First thing I did, I let the air out of your tires. She couldn’t go anywhere. She needed a lift, I said ‘hey, you need a lift?’ She got right in the car!”

He claimed his wife “doesn’t know this story,” adding, “Now she does.”

“You’re basically the zodiac killer,” co-host Greg Gutfeld quipped.

The group laughed and Watters responded that the story had “a happy ending” since they ended up getting married. He went on to reiterate that the trick “works like a charm.”

“Is that the first time you did it, or did you use that before?” Pirro asked Watters.

“It works like a charm!” he proclaimed.

Some could be rubbed the wrong way by the comment considering Watters and his current wife, Emma DiGiovine allegedly began dating while Watters was still married to his first wife Noelle Watters, to whom he was married for 10 years and has twin daughters with.

Fox News was informed of the relationship between Watters and DiGiovine in 2017, according to the Daily Mail, but Watters did not get divorced from his first wife until March 2019.

The Fox News personality announced in a tweet on August 25, 2019, that he and DiGivione were engaged, writing, “Emma and I would like to announce our engagement! Thanks to all of our family and friends who’ve shown us so much love. We are so grateful ❤️.”

Watters and DiGiovine married in December 2019 and now have a 1-year-old son. He is 14-years older than his wife.

“Married the love of my life one year ago today,” Emma lovingly posted on their first anniversary. “And what a year it’s been.”

“I love you forever @jessewatters and can’t wait for our next chapter – coming soon❤️❤️❤️❤️💙,” she added.

Naturally, leftists on social media tore Watters apart. After the clip went viral, social media users called him a stalker and creepy among other things.

Fox News critic Juliet Jeske pounced and posted a clip of Watters’ recounting his story, which was meant to be cute, romantic, and whimsical but has been twisted by leftists into something that it’s not.

“Jesse Watters jokes about how he courted a woman 14 years his junior. He let the air out of her tires so he could offer her a ride home. He leaves out that he was married at the time. This is some stalker nonsense. She also worked for him. It’s a Fox News love story.”

Some of these leftists are just miserable people inside and out.

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  1. I think people need to get the hell over this stupid shit. Get a life you trolls!
    They are a beautiful couple. Maybe if you’d stop trolling others you’d get a life too! Then again maybe with these types of attitudes you wouldn’t.

  2. The only thing that bothers me is he went after his current wife while married. I would want my husband to tell me first he wants out of the marriage and to wait for a year to remarry so I and the kids can calm down and the remarriage looks okay instead of a cheating on his wife and kids situation. And you don’t know if he and his first wife were in a separation mode or not. People do change through the years and now a days you are allowed to do something about a change in your feelings and life. I want my husband to tell me he wants a divorse first and than after the divorse he can do what he wants. Hope he’s still responsible for paying to raise his kids, they are his kids and they shouldn’t lose their life style because of the divorse.


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