Joe Biden Humiliates Himself On The World Stage By Being The Only World Leader Wearing A Mask During Virtual Climate Change Summit

(Republican Insider) – The COVID-19 charade has gone on long enough and it’s about time state and federal government officials stop treading on Americans’ freedoms and liberties.

Everyone has been under the impression that the vaccines were the means to end this entire ordeal yet with millions of Americans getting theirs, the show only continues on.

Americans are still being required to wear facemasks in many parts of the US and it’s truly become old hat.

What’s even worse is that the leader of the supposed free world can’t stop himself from looking like an absolute fool on the world stage.

Usurper Joe Biden held a virtual climate summit with the leaders from about 40 countries on Earth Day, earlier this week. While the summit was awful enough, Biden made it truly cringe-worthy when he showed up wearing a mask.

The fully vaccinated Biden was the only world leader to attend the virtual summit wearing a mask.

How embarrassing.

Not even China’s Xi Jinping was wearing a mask during the virtual event. Not even Greta Thunberg donned a mask for her appearance.

Biden has, once again, made himself look weak before the other leaders of the world. It’s also a pretty poor testament for the vaccines that Biden and the rest of the Democrats are forcing on all Americans.

The left insists that everyone must comply and get shot up with the experimental drugs yet there is no promise of life going back to normal.

You have a better chance of experiencing some kind of awful “side effect” or even dying from the vaccines than you do of the Democrats letting go of their power and authority over us.

Senator Rand Paul called out Biden and Dr. Fauci on Fox News, declaring that if they were serious about getting Americans to take the vaccines Biden would go on TV and burn his face masks.

Paul took issue with Fauci’s claims that those who are vaccinated can still spread the virus and should, therefore, continue to mask up.

“If you want more people to get vaccinated, Joe Biden should go on national TV, take his mask off and burn it… light a torch to it, burn his mask and say, ‘I’ve had the vaccine I am now saved from this plague. If you’ll get the vaccine, you can be safe too,’” Paul proclaimed.

Sen. Paul asserted that Fauci and the Democrats are still engaged in “fear-mongering” and added that “there’s no evidence” to back up Fauci’s claims.

“The burden of proof should be on the government to prove we’re spreading it. [If we are] then we’ll listen to them. Instead it sounds like fear-mongering,” Paul urged.

Last week, Senator Paul also called for Fauci to be “removed from TV because what he says is such a disservice, and such fear-mongering.”

He also labelled Fauci a “petty tyrant,” adding that Fauci “needs to quit dictating to the entire world how to live and let us make our own decisions.”

Thank God for lawmakers like Senator Rand Paul who aren’t afraid to stand up and say what needs to be said. Americans are over the coronavirus ordeal and it’s time for the government to get out of our personal lives and let us get back to living freely.

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