Judge Jeanine Reveals Who Is Running The White House (Video)

(Republican Insider) – Judge Jeanine Pirro says she has a pretty good idea of who is actually running the White House, and by extension, the rest of the United States, but it’s not Joe Biden.

According to a 100 Percent Fed Up report, Pirro reveals that from the very beginning, Bide was not fit to be running for president. The folks who are handling him are using the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse for his behavior and weirdness and of course, he’s got a lot of help from big tech that’s helped him out by suppressing information on Hunter’s now infamous laptop.

She then goes on to ask who is really running things, before going on to make point after point to prove and confirm it’s really former President Barack Obama’s 3rd term. That alone is super terrifying, as Obama himself almost destroyed everything that makes our nation great. If it hadn’t been for the policies of Donald Trump during his time in office, our nation would be much further down the road of transformation into a socialist nightmare.

“Biden’s cabinet is made up of former Obama cronies, and Biden’s policies perfectly reflect what Obama’s agenda was while he was in the White House. Open borders, the war on police, war on energy, the global warming scam, class warfare, and so many other policies were Obama’s and now just happen to be Biden’s policies,” the report says.

“Susan Rice, John Kerry, Jake Sullivan and so many other rechurns from the Obama regime are hell-bent on carrying out the far-left transformation of America,” the report continues.

What’s really interesting is that news reports that have come out today are saying that Obama is planning to make more appearances in public to try and help lift Biden’s atrocious poll numbers. The former president just cannot help it. He needs to be the center of attention.

Many times during his tenure in the White House, Obama talked of a third term and even bragged that if he ran for office a third time, which is unconstitutional, that he would no doubt win. One of the nicknames folks used to refer to him was the “Narcissist in Chief,” which makes it all the more interesting that a current Biden official is featured in the video down below.

Jake Sullivan is actually a key national security adviser for the Biden administration.

So is Biden nothing more than a puppet for Barack Obama to continue the radical transformation of America he promised during his time in the Oval Office?

Sure seems like that’s possible, doesn’t it?

A piece by Wayne Root that was published by Gateway Pundit shares a lot of the conclusions reached by Judge Jeanine.

“Joe Biden is not running America. Check out poor Joe’s press conferences. As soon as his empty mind starts to wander, or the press asks him any question more difficult than, ‘What is your favorite flavor ice cream?’ someone cuts off his microphone. Who? Who makes that decision? Who gives that order?” Root asks in the piece.

“Find that guy or group. Because they are clearly more powerful than the President of the United States. That guy or group is running our country,” Root says.

According to Root there are three groups of people who are currently the masterminds behind the false Biden administration, and like Judge Jeanine, he believes one such group is former President Barack Obama.

“Barack Obama is back for his third term, to finish the job he started- the destruction of America, American exceptionalism, capitalism, and the great American middle class,” Root writes.

“But make no mistake, Obama isn’t the boss either. Evil billionaire George Soros is giving Obama his marching orders. In the end, money talks. Soros has all the money in the world, along with a burning passion to destroy America. Obama takes his marching orders from Soros. Obama is Soros’s little b—tch,” the writer continues.

“Then we come to the real power behind the throne. The boss of bosses. The capo di tutti. China and the Chinese Communist Party. Everyone is taking orders from China and the CCP. China bribes all the politicians in America and around the world with billions in offshore bank accounts. China owns Biden and his family. China owns virtually the entire leadership of the Democrat Party. And quite a few establishment RINO Republicans too,” he says.

It’s not hard to see, given all of the gaffes, the stumbles, the confused looks, that Biden is not mentally competent to be running a country. He’s the face of a much bigger and hidden machine. We must work hard to oppose the work these folks are doing to destroy our country.

For those interested in learning more about the idea of Obama being behind the Biden administration check this out:

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  1. “Judge” Jeanne – the title is inaccurate. It is her FORMER title once upon a time. Her “reporting” (if you can really call it that) is essentially and predominantly opinion based (I.e., it becomes whatever she wants it to become regardless of the current state.). She is simply a typical clone of the FOX Network that continues to spew misinformation, unreal conspiracy theories, and bias reporting that continues to distort and twist the reality around them.

    • Sadly you appear to be a droid Kool Aid drinker. I love the way the left parrots everything that their masters say. If you were capable of understanding what is going on you would be shocked that the Communist ” gay Kenyan” is involved up to his absolute hatred of America. Considering that his real father was a communist, as were his grandparents, no wonder he is the screwed up narcistic shill that he is. What amazes me is that the Quran is 100% anti homosexual and yet he is given a pass.

  2. Her comments reflect my thoughts exactly !!!! The decay in Washington is hard to believe !!! If and when these traitors are ever brought to justice, I wonder if it will be hanging, firing squad OR a slap in the hand like the two caught selling submarine secrets !! A fine and 5 years of probation with NO JAIL TIME WHATSOEVER !!!!

  3. Her comments reflect many Americans. She is one of the few that speak the truth about what really goes on in America. By the way she still has the title Judge because she earned the title. I would trust what she says more the all of the advertisements by the Democrats. Listen to the ads for Governor, they are so concerned about abolishing gun laws to protect innocent lives but compare it to abortion and use the statistics. I believe you will find there are many many more innocent babies killed by abortion than innocents by guns, and they want to defend abortion! Trump is not running for Governor of Virginia but his name is blasted in every ad that the Democrats produce. Why not stick to what you want to accomplish but us actual facts to present it. Stop the smears and lies about what the Republicans are planning. Voter ID is not hindering your vote, it makes sure that you are the person which has a right to vote and you are here legally. It truly is against the law for illegals to vote in elections!


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