JUST IN: Biden Conveniently Leaves Out Key Detail About Al-Zawahiri Assassination

(Republican Insider) – Ever since Joe Biden announced the assassination of al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahiri by a CIA drone strike in Afghanistan, there’s been a ton of pieces published that discuss the terrorist’s life and the manner in which he died. Because, you know, it’s the internet and everyone has an opinion.

According to The Western Journal, a lot of debate has been centered on how effective U.S. over-the-horizon counterterrorism capabilities are. Some find them to be lacking, while others think things are going well.

However, something was missing from the primetime address made by Biden on Monday evening, along with the coverage from the mainstream media following the announcement of the assassination, which is that al-Zawahiri had many ties to Russia.

“On Thursday, The New American’s Christian Gomez reported that al-Zawahiri was trained by Russia’s Federal Security Service, better known as the FSB, which is the primary successor to the KGB,” the report said.

“The allegation was made by former FSB Lt. Col. Aleksandr Litvinenko in 2005 after he had defected to the U.K. You may recall that Litvinenko died in London after being poisoned with radioactive polonium in 2006. His death was a big story at the time,” the Western Journal report continued.

Way, way back in a July 2005 interview with the Rzeczpospolita newspaper in Poland, Litvinenko went on to say, “Ayman al-Zawahiri trained at a Federal Security Service base in Dagestan in 1998. He was then transferred to Afghanistan where he became Osama bin Laden’s deputy. I was working in that section at the time and I can confirm the fact Zawahiri was not the only link between the FSB and al-Qaeda.”

The very next year, Litvinenko shared what was referred to as “odd-tasting” tea with two Russian men, Andrey Lugavoy and Dmitri Kovtun, while they were visiting a bar in London’s Millennium Hotel. Then, just three weeks later, Sky News reported that he was dead.

A 10-year public inquiry concluded that the two men who were with Litvinenko at the bar were Russian agents that “in all likelihood assassinated Mr. Litvinenko with the knowledge of Russian President Vladimir Putin.”

Not long after al-Zawahiri took over leadership of al-Qaida in the summer of 2011, there was an article published in The Spectator that warned Western nations not to ignore the connections the terrorist had with the FSB. The report then went on to state that Litvinenko had confirmed this not just in the one interview, but in several others as well.

“Litvinenko’s allegations were corroborated by former KGB Lt. Col. Konstantin Preobrazhensky, who defected to the U.S. in 1993 and wrote about his time as a Russian spy,” The Western Journal reported.

“Gomez cited an article Preobrazhensky once wrote for the Centre for Counterintelligence and Security Studies in which ‘he detailed the Soviet Union/Russia’s ties to international Islamic terrorism, and more specifically the FSB’s role in training al-Zawahiri,'” the report added.

Preobrazhensky then went on to write, “Long before Islamic terrorism became a global threat, the KGB had used terrorism to facilitate the victory of world Communism.”

“Litvinenko … told me that his former FSB colleagues had trained famous Al-Qaeda terrorists Ayman Al-Zawahiri and Juma Namangoniy during the 1980s and 1990s. Ayman Al-Zawahiri, one of the world’s most wanted terrorists, has been responsible for the murder of U.S. nationals outside the United States,” he added.

“In 1996, Alexander Litvinenko was responsible for securing the secrecy of Al-Zawahiri’s arrival in Russia, who was trained by FSB instructors in Dagestan, Northern Caucasus, in 1996-1997,” he said.

Litvinenko gave the names of a whole slew of terrorists and tyrants who had received training from either the KGB or the FSB.

The list included “Yasser Arafat, former leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization and first president of the Palestinian National Authority; Wadie Haddad (aka Abu Hani), the leader of external operations for the Marxist-Leninist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine; former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein; former general secretary of the Lebanese Communist Party George Hawi; and Sean Garland, president of the Marxist-Leninist Workers’ Party of Ireland.”

What’s really strange about all of this is that none of the mainstream media outlets have taken the time to report on these connections. Sure, it’s possible that the vast majority of the reporters out there are just simply unaware of the ties and thus have not written any reports about them. However, those reporters who are dedicated to covering material about Russia or Islamic terrorism would surely know this stuff.

So, again, why is this not being reported?

Gomez has a few ideas on what the answer to this question might be. He thinks that “ultimately communists always stick together to defeat their common ‘imperialist’ capitalist foe: the United States.”

“The communists in Russia did not magically disappear following the official ‘collapse’ of the Soviet Union in 1991, nor has the Kremlin deviated from its Soviet-era foreign policy of spreading world revolution, including with agents recruited from the Islamic world,” Gomez said.

“Ayman al-Zawahiri represented a key conduit linking the Kremlin with modern international Islamic terrorism. Alexander Litvinenko’s life was taken for exposing this,” he added.

This makes total sense and is likely the reason you aren’t hearing much about this at the moment. Let’s hope folks with integrity who work in the world of journalism start to cover stuff like this and we begin to hear more about it.

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  1. Hey CNN! Are you looking to become a real news agency with true facts? Looks like a ready made story here to grab and run with. I’m sure the Russia, ISIS, Taliban, CCP, (DNC?) links run deep. Something to investigate…


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