JUST IN: First Person Convicted At Trial Over Jan. 6 Receives Brutal Sentence

(Republican Insider) – The first person convicted in the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol incident was sentenced on Monday and it’s just the first in what will likely be a series of harsh punishments for American patriots.

Proving that there is, indeed, a two-tier system of justice, US District Judge Dabney Friedrich sentenced Guy Reffitt, an oil-field worker from Wylie, Texas, to seven years and three months in prison, according to Yahoo News.

Reffitt’s sentence is the longest sentence to be imposed on a Jan. 6 defendant to date and the most shocking part is that Reffitt never even stepped foot in the Capitol building on Jan. 6.

In addition to the prison time, he was ordered to pay $2,000 in restitution and undergo mental health treatment, as reported by The New York Times.

According to the establishment media, Reffitt was a member of a “far-right” group called the Three Percenters militia.

The Anti-Defamation League defines the organization’s mission as “a small number of dedicated ‘patriots’ protecting Americans from government tyranny, just as the patriots of the American Revolution protected early Americans from British tyranny.”

The group’s website declared, “We stand for freedom, liberty, and the Constitution. We will combat all those who are corrupt. We are America’s insurance policy. We will not see our republic fall. We are everywhere. We are the three percent.”

Reffitt was convicted in March on five felony charges including “obstructing Congress’s certification of the 2020 presidential election, carrying a .40-caliber pistol during the riot and two counts of civil disorder,” the Times reported.

Federal guidelines called for much longer sentence of 9 to 11 years and prosecutors even attempted to request a “terrorism enhancement” which is sometimes applied to domestic terrorism cases. The prosecution wanted Reffitt to serve 15 years in prison for his participation in the events that transpired on Jan. 6, when he did not even enter the Capitol.

According to Assistant US Attorneys Jeffrey Nestler and Risa Berkower, Reffitt was a “key instigator in the attack.” It was reported that he had been “armed with a handgun, body armor and zip ties” and “cleared the way for others to breach the building.”

In their sentencing memo, the prosecutors wrote that Reffitt “sought not just to stop Congress, but also to physically attack, remove, and replace the legislators who were serving in Congress.” His behavior, they claimed, was “a quintessential example of an intent to both influence and retaliate against government conduct through intimidation or coercion.”

Fortunately for Reffitt, Friedrich denied the terrorism enhancement, saying it would result in “unwarranted sentencing disparity” with other Jan. 6 cases.

Before handing down her sentence, she said, “There are a lot of cases where defendants possessed weapons or committed very violent assaults. … The government is asking for a sentence that is three times as long as any other defendant, and the defendant did not assault an officer.”

Reffitt told the court, “I did want to definitely make an apology, multiple apologies, really, and accept my responsibility because I do hate what I did.”

The judge asked him if he agreed he’d engaged in unlawful activity. Reffitt replied, “I clearly f***ed up.”

Friedrich responded, “I can’t help but wonder, whether like many other Jan. 6 defendants, I’m hearing what I’d like to hear from you as opposed to what you really believe.”

Reffitt has been in federal prison since he was arrested in January 2021. He did not testify during his trial.

Despite his sentencing being well below the federal guidelines, it’s still more than three times longer than the average sentence given to defendants who were involved in the violent George Floyd riots that took place during 2020.

According to an August 2021 report by The Associated Press, more than 120 defendants had either pleaded guilty or had been convicted for “federal crimes including rioting, arson and conspiracy.” The average sentence for the approximately 70 defendants who’d been sentenced at that time was just 27 months, and “at least 10 received prison terms of five years or more,” the report said.

Apparently, attacking US cities, private citizens, and small businesses is not that big of a deal. The message is clear: if you try to rise up, the federal government will destroy you.

No matter how corrupt the federal government gets, Americans are just supposed to sit back and swallow it. The whole point of the Second Amendment is a provision for Americans to defend themselves against a corrupt, overly powerful federal government.

It’s no wonder the Biden regime is fighting so hard to destroy our Second Amendment rights.

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  1. Can’t wait for Trump to be the REAL commander in chief again. He’ll pardon those who the Democrats harshly punished because Pelosi told the White House police to allow them in, then called it an “insurrection” just so she could have her Jan. 6th investigation to keep Trump from running again in 2024.

    Trump is going to have his revenge in 2022 and in 2024 for what the Democrats did to him and his campaign in 2020 and throughout his whole 4 years and “We The People” will make sure of it when we vote every damned Democrat and RINO out of office.

    Ms. Pelosi, you may be able to fool some of the people some of the time, but you aren’t going to fool the millions of patriot REPUBLICANS all the time. We’re sick of you, Biden, the communist Democrats and the unkown person behind the curtain pulling Biden’s strings. SYONARA Pelosi!

  2. “His behavior, they claimed, was “a quintessential example of an intent to both influence and retaliate against government conduct through intimidation or coercion.”

    And yet there were NO charges, and NO arrests of “peaceful” demonstrators showing up at the church where Comey-Barrett worshipped, the school her children attended, or the HORDES of vandals that showed up at the homes of other Conservative SC Justices, spray-painted slogans on their driveways, etc.–though this was a brazen and OBVIOUS attempt to “both influence and retaliate against government conduct through intimidation or coercion.”

    But–of course–this sentence is no surprise. Comparing this action of the Unamerican TYRANTS who have stolen control of our government to the KGB in the Communist Soviet Union of the 20th Century, the guy is lucky they didn’t take him down to the basement and shoot him in the back of the head. However, if we don’t get these power-mad, unconstitutional, unelected PUKES out of power, I predict THAT sort of “response” will be forthcoming shortly–right after they announce that we really don’t need elections anymore, because it is OBVIOUS the people want them to be our “dear leaders for life.”

  3. American Patriots? What dimension is the author of this piece living in? Hasn’t he/she even bothered to research the legalities of this shameful riot (Jan6)?? Extremely poor and thoughtless words to allow to be published.

  4. “He sought to…” is not actually doing. And where is the proof he sought anything if he never entered the capital especially since the capital police invited and opened the doors to the demonstrators. Wearing armour and carrying a pistol is not illegal and is protection against people like Antifa and BLM rioters who were there and love to attack and even kill people who don’t agree with them. And, arson, those flags burning in the pit were not burning by Trumpers, they were again being burned by Antifa and BLM as done by them in their rioting, and, I will bet by and encouraged by the FBI infiltrators. This judge, prosecutor and democrat jurors need to be removed for committing a person to prison upon “sought to…”. And by the way, you can be a member of a Satanist club if you want in this country, it’s no one’s business what club you are a member of especially when they aren’t running around like the Antifa and the democrat commie groups BLM burning down cities and killing people who disagree with them. Those groups with help of democrats getting them released have killed and burned down more buildings, police stations and actually killed people and injured people while doing so and are still free thanks to our crooked law members. I will never vote for another democrat again. They too much enjoy putting their enemies in jail and killing babies who have not been convicted for a death sentence crime by a jury. These democrats are doing what places like Russia and China do to their citizens, get even with citizens who disagree with them. Russia and China and other commie countries use murder and abortion to control their population at a number they can control.


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