JUST IN: Texas And Arizona Have Teamed Up To Dump Illegal Aliens At Biden’s Doorstep

(Republican Insider) – On Day 1 of Biden’s fraudulent presidency he made sure to do away with all measures President Trump had implemented to secure the border and make the US safer and sovereign.

Since then, our southern border has essentially been wide open and Border Patrol utterly overwhelmed.

Biden and his regime have refused to take any action to fix the crisis and instead have catered to the millions of illegals who have flooded across our border.

Now, the people in charge of two of the border states most heavily affected by the crisis are taking matters into their own hands and sending the problem directly to Biden.

The Washington Examiner reported last week on an effort spearheaded by the Republican governors of Arizona and Texas that has led to over 2,500 migrants apprehended at the border being shipped to Washington, DC.

If the so-called lawmakers in DC refuse to acknowledge the problems at the southern border, the Governors of Arizona and Texas are taking it to them, you know, since they created it and all.

After being released by Border Patrol, the illegal aliens made their way to DC on a total of 79 buses, all with the terminus being Biden’s backyard.

What’s more, the buses are paid for by the state, free of charge. The buses transported the illegals up to DC from border towns where they were released.

“These people are wanting to go somewhere else. They’re not wanting to stay in Arizona,” said Morgan Carr, spokeswoman for Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey.

“From what we’re seeing, they’re all primarily [headed to] the East Coast.” (Bad news if you live on the east coast).

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott was the first to announce his plan to provide the buses and stated in April that his goal was to “take the border to President Biden.”

“Texans demand and deserve an aggressive, comprehensive strategy to secure our border — not President Biden’s lackluster leadership,” Abbott said in a statement.

“As the federal government continues to roll back commonsense policies that once kept our communities safe, our local law enforcement has stepped up to protect Texans from dangerous criminals, deadly drugs and illegal contraband flooding into the Lone Star State.”

Abbott decided to ramp up his efforts to get the Biden regimes’ attention on the matter after it was announced that the administration was ending Title 42, which was essentially the last line of defense for border states.

Title 42 is a World War II-era public health policy that allowed immigrants to be turned away and deported without asylum if there were concerns about communicable disease.

The measure was appropriately invoked under Trump during the COVID pandemic. Biden kept it in place but in the spring announced it would be rolled back in May. The plan to end Title 42, however, was stopped by the ruling of a district judge.

By late May, Abbott announced Texas had already sent dozens of the buses to DC and called the program a “relief valve” for border communities who have been completely overwhelmed by illegal aliens.

“And we’re up to our 45th bus now, when you add a zero to that, I think Washington, D.C., is going to soon find out they’re going to be dealing with the same consequences as we’re dealing with,” the governor said.

Abbott originally had promised to drop migrants right off at the US Capitol but the buses have been unloading them near Union Station, DC’s main transport hub.

“Migrants typically board trains and long-distance buses at Union Station to continue on to destinations where they have family or friends. The state’s buses are free of charge to migrants, only costing taxpayers,” the Examiner reported.

Meanwhile, Arizona came up with their own unique plan which differs from Texas in that they’re not only sending the migrants to Biden but also the bill for their transportation.

“This is a problem caused by Washington. We’re bringing it to Washington, and we expect Washington to foot the bill. We’re going to send them a bill,” said C.J. Karamargin, a spokesman for Ducey.

The majority of the buses to DC have come from Texas, however Arizona has sent 14 buses with a total of 523 people on board since mid-May.

Of course, this is just a drop in the bucket as the border crisis has resulted in over a million illegal aliens entering the US since Biden took over the White House. Just in May, over 239,000 illegal migrants were encountered at the border, according to data from Customs and Border Protection.

As most months before it, this yet again breaks the record for the highest number in decades.

It might be hard for Biden and his cohorts to continue looking the other way when the problem is in their own backyard. Though we doubt very much that Biden will ever take any action to stop the border crisis.

He and the Democrats want open borders and things are going exactly to plan.

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  1. The problem I see is that if they are deposited in D.C., then they are here in the U.S. for the long haul. They are here for eternity with all the freebees. They need to be sent back to their own country. It’s just another way to infiltrate the U.S. at our expense, of course.


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