Justice Department Sets Sights On Steve Bannon For Promoting Vitamins To Help Fight Coronavirus

(Republican Insider) – The Department of Justice has filed an official complaint against a product that is being promoted by former chief strategist for former President Donald Trump, claiming that it’s not a proven COVID-19 treatment.

Certainly seems like a very petty thing to attack Bannon over, right? Well, the DOJ under President Joe Biden is going to be engaging in a lot more of this sort of thing when it comes to Trump supporters, especially those who actually served in his administration.

These people “won” the election and have the man of their choice in office and they still can’t stop attacking Trump supporters. Disgusting.

According to WND, the government actually has confirmed, through several scientific studies, that the contents of the vitamin product “are integral parts of the immune system and show synergistic functions at various stages of the host defenses, such as the maintenance of the integrity of biological barriers and the functionality of cells that make up the innate and adaptive systems.”

The government went on to say that the ingredients can be “an important measure to improve the immune system and to prevent the development of severe symptoms” in battling against the coronavirus.

The product in question is being produced by Wellness Warrior and has been prominently advertised on Bannon’s show, “War Room.”

The civil complaint itself does not actually name Bannon. The name cited in is Eric Anthony Nepute and Quickwork LLC, which does business under the Wellness Warrior moniker.

The product itself is a combination of zinc and D3, and comes with a disclaimer on the bottle of the vitamins that says, “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”

The actions being taken by the DOJ fall under the COVID-19 Consumer Protection Act, which was approved by Congress just last year when the pandemic was in full swing. The bill bans any kind of “deceptive act or practice” that is related to the pandemic.

“The complaint, in federal court in Missouri, alleges the defendants declare in advertising the product prevents or treats COVID-19, ‘without competent or reliable scientific evidence to support their claims,'” WND’s report says.

“They also allegedly advertised, without scientific evidence, that their supplements were equally or more effective therapies for Covid-19 than the currently available vaccines,” the report goes on to say.

“The Justice Department is committed to preventing the unlawful marketing of unproven Covid-19 treatments,” Brian Boynton, who is the DOJ’s civil division, said in a recent statement.

The U.S. National Library of Medicine under the National Institutes of Health just posted a Frontiers in Nutrition study during the month of December that focused on the use of vitamin D and zinc with a focus on “physical tissue barrier integrity,” the study concluded.

“In this review, the role of zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D for immunity was explored since these micronutrients show the strongest evidence for immune support. In this scenario, the mentioned studies demonstrate that zinc and vitamins C and D are integral parts of the immune system and show synergistic functions at various stages of the host defenses, such as the maintenance of the integrity of biological barriers and the functionality of cells that make up the innate and adaptive systems,” the report said.

“Therefore, the deficiency or insufficiency of these key nutrients, acting in synergy in tight and adherens junction proteins, can lead to impairment of mucosal epithelial cells, possibly making them more susceptible to pathogen entry, such as SARS-CoV-2,” it continued.

“Overall, the medical literature demonstrates that the supplementation with zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D can mitigate viral respiratory infections. Thus, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the supplementation with such nutrients may be characterized as a widely available, safe and low cost measure that can be useful to cope with the increased demand for these nutrients in case of contact with the virus and onset of the immune responses, as well as to lower the risk of severe progression and prognosis of this viral infection,” the report added.

These folks at the DOJ really seem to be working hard to prevent folks from taking natural means to boost their immune system. Maybe that’s because this whole mess with the virus was manufactured to help liberals gain more power and control over the masses.

Maybe they actually want you to get sick, because when you get sick, it helps to spread fear. And there’s no greater means of controlling people than through fear.

Just thinking out loud.

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