Lawmaker Calls For The Arrest Of FBI Agents: ‘Sever All Ties’

(Republican Insider) – The plot continues to thicken concerning the FBI raid on President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida as Republican State Rep. Anthony Sabatini is now calling for the arrest of the FBI agents who conducted the raid for carrying out law enforcement outside the purview of Florida and is asking the state to also cut its ties with the Department of Justice.

“It’s time for us in the Florida Legislature to call an emergency legislative session & amend our laws regarding federal agencies,” Sabatini went on to write in the wake of the raid. “Sever all ties with DOJ immediately … Any FBI agent conducting law enforcement functions outside the purview of our State should be arrested upon sight.”

According to the Daily Caller, “Many Republicans have described the raid of Trump’s residence as a politically-motivated abuse of power. He said state legislators needed to put pressure on the FBI by limiting local agencies’ cooperation with them and by requiring them to seek permission from the state before conducting operations in Florida.”

“State legislators need to ban interlocal agreements between state and local law enforcement and the FBI and require the FBI to get Florida’s permission before conducting operations within the state, he told the Daily Caller News Foundation,” the report continued.

“That’s just at the state level. At the federal level they need to be totally gutted and cut down,” he said in remarks delivered to the DCNF. “We need to be put it as much pressure on them as possible.”

Sabatini is probably right on this one. There’s so much corruption, politically speaking, at the FBI, that it’s impossible to trust them on anything anymore. The bureau has always been a bit fuzzy and shady throughout its history, but for the most part, they carried an air of respect about them and have often been considered heroes.

However, we’ve since learned of the FBI’s involvement in helping to create a false narrative about Trump being involved with Russia as a means of helping the Obamas and the Clintons try to destroy his chances at the presidency.

That makes them very suspect in just about anything involving Trump, especially something of this magnitude.

Is it possible that the FBI was really searching for evidence and documentation that would somehow incriminate Trump in the Jan. 6 ordeal as a means of preventing him from running in 2024?

Very possible.

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  1. Sabatini is exactly right about this . Its the democraps trying to dig up more dirt and fabricate more lies , just like they did in 2016 . They’re doing the same thing as before to stop Trump from running for president because they have dug a hole so deep and full of bs its pathetic that a political party would stoop so low , because people are tired of their lies and they know who will win in 2024

  2. I’m good with that. It’s about time the FBI gets their arses handed to them. They work for All Americans, not just the Elites in the DemoKKKrat Party. Arrest that F*cktard Garland too.

    • If that was EVER true, Bemused Berserker, it is certainly not true NOW! The FBI does NOT work for all Americans. They are NOTHING now, except the GESTAPO enforcers of the Demmunist Party, and they don’t care about ANYTHING except suppressing and silencing ALL opposition, to keep the conniving, power-mad Demmunists who ILLEGALLY seized control of our government in power.

      • Merrick is another corrupt Soros, Obama/Biden socialist democrat. The rule of law is not a concept he has ever embraced. He is an elite of of communist members in congress and other government administration agencies. He is also a pathological liar as seems to be a prerequisite to DC politicians and their appointees.

  3. Are you folks beginning to understand just what the LACK OF ETHICS can do to ANY organization!!? Just for fun, look the word up “Ethics”. When you have a REALLY GOOD HANDLE on it, begin applying it to your EVERYDAY activities. You’ll be AMAZED how it changes EVERYTHING! “FOR THE BETTER’!!! Of course, to really make a difference, you will need to REQUIRE everyone else around you, INCLUDING YOUR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES, to begin using it also!!!!!

    Good Luck with that!!!!

  4. Put aside Trump and DeSantis, the most grievous mistake of #1, thinking or believing Biden could unify us is a joke, he’s a bully and cantankerous, he just wants to threaten us as he lies about everything, first defunding then funding police, that our economy is great, that he has made all the great changes to make us healthier and more equitable and on and on. Biden and his charade of radicals have done nothing good, our prices for gas, food, housing, clothes, home goods, and everything else is the highest it’s ever been. But let’s get to the worst things he’s done, people died because of his incompetence with the Afghan retreat in the middle of the night, he told George Stephanopoulos, ‘ I don’t know how we could have done it with out don’t think it could’ve been handled in a way that there– we– we’re gonna go back in hindsight and look, but the idea that somehow there’s a way to have gotten out without chaos ensuing, I don’t know how that happens. I don’t know how that happened. The idiot knows nothing (ask Barack Obama). And the Ukraine and people are dying, and what about COVID, after Trump, when we saw a daily death count, the count down stopped, but under Biden’s count is over a million. Weve list thousands of good energy jobs and we are no longer energy independent. I could go on but the point is elections have consequences and we’re paying too high a price. Bring back sanity and normalcy!!!🇺🇸

  5. Since each state has its sovereignty there should be complete separation between federal and state law enforcement. It should have been impossible for thr Washington DC FBI office to come into Flordia and conduct a raid. If a state action was to be necessary it should be necessary for a Flordia State judge to authorize through a local FBI Flordia office using local agents. With any search warrant it should specify exactly what is being searched for in specific areas, not a general search for “Stuff”. The DOJ and FBI agencies in DC are get’n to big for their britches and need to be whittled back. Obviously they can not be trusted. The whole of the DOJ needs to be cleaned out and a disconnect made between the president to prevent the weaponization, with a third party review by an IG to help curb politization.

    • The DOJ has an Inspector General, but he is USELESS–nothing but a TOOL for the power-mad Demmunists. His “investigations” always reveal that the FBI is as pure as the driven snow and has NOT committed any wrongdoing.

  6. We have had nothing but treasonous activities
    From the Democratic Party , the whole time President Trump was there in D.C. they should
    all be arrested for their Crimes against President Trump. They have Lied every day of his Presidency
    and had half of this Nation believing them.
    All the News Organizations and big Tech have
    been in on it. All of you Republicans and Democrats
    Supposedly Leaders need to quit lining your pockets with our Money. Start doing real Government business or Resign

    • EXACTLY. THAT is the true reason for the improper and wholly illegal raid on Mara-Lago using an “everything but the kitchen sink” search warrant that NO judge who gives a DAMN about the Bill of Rights should have EVER signed.

  7. All of the comments say everything about the state of this nations. Corruption is so deep it is sinful and
    unbelievable in a Country as great as ours. It is inexcusable we used to be a First Rate Nations above all
    of this trashy behavior and trashy people who are traitors, crooks, thugs, liars, deceitful untrustworthy govt.
    They need to all be fired out into the Ocean from Joe on down. We have no room for all this kind of activity. If for some reason whoever you are you don’t like this country or hate and the rest of us who have
    ethics and standards and are honest You are free to relocate to somewhere else in the world. There is a country somewhere that will accept you and your behavior as they are just like you.

  8. Good idea local enforcement agencies I would think are in a better position to know what’s going on better than political swamp creatures going after made up PC woke garbage. And good luck to any political organization that can fire swamp dwellers.


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