LEAKED! Minnesota Puts White People At The Back Of The Line For Life-Saving COVID-19 Treatment

(Republican Insider) – The radical left in the United States constantly screams about racism, claiming to be this generation’s Civil Rights freedom fighters on a gallant crusade to eliminate this scourge from the face of the earth. According to these folks, there’s nowhere racism can hide, as they seek it out in every nook and cranny of our culture.

They are so dedicated to their mission that by golly, if they can’t find racism, they’ll create it themselves!

Here’s an excellent case in point.

According to a new report from Infowars, the Minnesota Department of Health has put out a document that informs hospitals to actually discriminate against white people by making sure that non-white patients have priority access when it comes to receiving life-saving treatment for the coronavirus.

So folks think they are destroying racism by using racism itself as a weapon. Sorry to tell these mentally challenged individuals, but that’s not how this works.

You just can’t make this insanity up.

The instruction is part of a document called “Ethical Framework for Allocation of Monoclonal Antibodies during the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

The document goes on to say that, “race and ethnicity alone, apart from other underlying health conditions, may be considered in determining eligibility for mAbs [monoclonal antibodies].”

Monoclonal antibodies are created in a lab and they work by mimicking natural antibodies, which aid our bodies in fighting diseases.

As of right now, national supplies of these antibodies are running low, due largely to the fact that this has proven to be a very successful treatment for people with active COVID cases.

“Minnesota’s solution is to ration mAbs based on various health factors, each assigned a different score,” Alpha News explains in its report.

“The maximum number of points a patient can amass is 24. Antibodies will be distributed based on these scores (highest numbers receiving treatment first) where supplies run low,” it continued.

Two of the health factors that are used to decide who gets to receive priority treatment include being a BIPOC (which gets you 2 points) and pregnancy (which is 4 points).

“Based on this scoring metric, if two pregnant women, one black and the other white, visited a hospital with limited mAbs supplies, the black woman would receive priority because her score would be six, but the white woman’s score would only be four,” Kyle Hooten goes on to write.

The news publication then managed to obtain a document (screenshot here) which reveals how HealthPartners is “directing its employees to use the scoring system, racial element included, to decide who gets mAbs treatment during shortages.”

So is this what is meant when the left throws fits about “white privilege?”

You know, maybe it’s true. Maybe systemic racism really does exist. However, it’s being institutionalized by the left and aimed exclusively against white people.

“As you might expect in a healthcare system increasingly dominated by the government, monoclonal antibodies have been rationed,” Dave Blount remarked.

“In Minnesota, who gets them is determined by a point system. Being anything other than white counts for the same number of points as being 65 years or older,” he wrote.

This story reveals that a man from Texas was actually denied access to monoclonal antibody treatment by a black health care worker due to the fact he was white.

“In one shocking example of this state sponsored racism that was caught on video, Infowars host Harrison Smith visited a Texas HHS clinic on Saturday where he was denied monoclonal antibody treatment simply because he is white,” the Gateway Pundit reported.

“Smith, who hosts the American Journal on the Infowars network, tweeted that he was denied the effective treatment for Covid because of his race, and that he was told that if he had been black or hispanic – then he would have been eligible,” the report continues.

This, folks, is what legitimate racism looks like. And something needs to be done about it. Race should not at all be a determining factor when it comes to who gets lifesaving treatment for this illness.

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  1. Monoclonal antibodies are used when the person is already sick so it should be who is more seriously sick when more than one person shows up. Isn’t it how it usually works. Also running low, watch your inventory and the numbers of covid going up or down and get your order in before it runs low. If you run low or out scream at Biden and the democrats to lift their making restrictions against monoclonal antibodies. They are the ones causing the low inventories with their mandates and controlling where the medicine goes and virtually outlawing the medicine. That is not the govts job to control medicine and who gets it or not. The govts job is to make sure who needs it get the medicine by allowing it to be made and distributed to the population.


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