LOOK CLOSE: Joe Biden’s Afghanistan Image Has Something Very Wrong

(Republican Insider) – A recent online posting that has taken an opportunity to closely examine a photograph that was posted by the White House, which features Joe Biden sitting alone in the situation room at a large table while we see a series of images on the monitor on the wall, is now raising questions concerning photoshopping.

According to a new report by WND, The Citizen Free Press has posted up several images and then pointed out that there’s something wrong with them. The headline for the post says, “Did the White House use photoshop in Biden image?” with the commentary openly wondering how much of the image is accurate (screen shot here).

One of the reasons the publication is doubting the accuracy of the photo is due to the fact it shows London time at 16:29 and Moscow time as 19:29. It’s important to note that they aren’t in the same time zone.

But neither are these cities three hours apart.

“Moscow will not be three hours different than London until November 7, 2021,” the report noted.

The original post from the White House, which was put up on Sunday, stated, “This morning, the president and vice president met with their national security team and senior officials to hear updates on the draw down of our civilian personnel in Afghanistan, evacuations of… applicants and other Afghan allies, and the ongoing security situation in Kabul.”

However, the image attached to the post only showed Biden.

This led to an online commenter known as “Aldous Huxley’s Ghost,” asking, “Hi, @WhiteHouse, can you please explain why the clocks above the television show Standard Time rather than Daylight Savings Time? Moscow will not be three hours different than London until November 7, 2021. This isn’t a pre-March picture that’s Photoshopped, is it?”

“The commenter also pointed out that the screens that illuminate when the president’s microphone is on were unlit, meaning if Biden was interacting with others electronically, he wasn’t being allowed to speak to them,” WND stated in their report.

Jack Posobiec, a conservative political commentator, said, “Guys I’m starting to think the government has been lying to us this whole time.”

Another commenter did happen to provide a logical explanation for what might be going on with the image, about why they might need to make Biden look like he’s at a place that he’s not actually at.

“You’re all criticizing without understanding the situation: Biden has to use his vacation days or he loses them,” the user quipped.

The whole situation in Afghanistan is tragic to say the least. How many soldiers have died in order to secure that country since September 11, 2001? How much money has been poured into helping the government there build up a force that would protect the people and preserve their government? It’s crazy to just allow this all to go up in smoke so quickly.

To give you a better picture of how nutty things are in Afghanistan, a report from Gateway Pundit, shows Taliban fighters, armed to the teeth, taking a helicopter ride over Herat, Afghanistan.

Remember yesterday, during Joe Biden’s address concerning the fact the Taliban had no air force? Well, apparently, they do.

The video in question shows Taliban terrorists taking a nice little joy ride in a U.S. Air Force Mi-17 Hip Helicopter.

Welcome to the clown show, folks.

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  1. Maybe Joe’s facelift is bugging him. Nobody has noticed but a few. That’s why he didn’t campaign; per Phyllis Diller, healing from a facelift takes a long time, both physically as well as mentally. Perhaps his current picture(s) are what’s bothering him. “It’s always been about Joe, the Big Guy.” When he talks and gets nervous, Joe enunciates his words like Kamala’s laugh, to give them time to think and appear to be intelligent and in control! They both seem to have the mentality of the mafia. What’s new? We all know who they are.

  2. SOMETHING not only has to be done with the crazy “three”, Biden, Harris and Pelosi, but with the entire democratic socialist party!!! ASAP!! If not, then this country is lost.

    • These frigging idiots can’t even get the time right on their lying.
      The second most illegitimate worthless idiot in the White House.Can anyone spell Coup d’etat? LOCK AND LOAD ITS TIME TO ROLL

  3. We have proved it was a Fraud election so do a recall hold a fair election with out mailing vote or by Machine at the meantime start arresting from the Governor down you say no one is above the Law so lets Prove it you do the crime you do the Time

    • I checked it out. Google Trump getting it on Marine 1. It’s the same. No blades turning until the President is on board!!

  4. The media has done a good job of eliminating the green outline around joe biden on recent alleged videos of him. Took them awhile to perfect their phony presentations of joe. The corporate media has lost 100% of having any integrity. Nothing is real, honest and true anymore.


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