ALERT: Mike Lindell PHYSICALLY ASSAULTED, Details Are Horrifying

(Republican Insider) – Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, was physically assaulted after the close of his cyber symposium event, Wednesday evening, according to new reports coming to us from Gateway Pundit.

“BREAKING: Lindell was violently attacked last night He is speaking now, “I’m okay but it hurts” he says. Mike Lindell is a true patriot! Pray for Mike Stay tuned for updates,” RSB tweeted out.

This is how you know the radical left is totally terrified of what Lindell has to show the rest of the world involving election integrity and the very strong possibility that our election was stolen from the rightful president and handed over to the Democrats who are seeking to destroy our way of life in order to permanently gain power in the government.

“MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell was reportedly physically assaulted following the close of day two of his cyber symposium in Sioux Falls, S.D. According to Lindell, he was attacked and punched in the ribs on Wednesday night,” RSBN reported.

“I’m okay, but it hurts,” Lindell went on to say at his cyber symposium on Thursday morning.

“Lindell has been hosting a three-day cyber symposium event to expose alleged election fraud from the 2020 presidential election. Thursday marks the final day of the conference,” the report continued, adding, “RSBN is streaming live coverage of the 72-hour event on Rumble and the RSBN mobile app. RSBN will provide updates on this developing story.”

Keep praying for Mr. Lindell. The nation is divided now more than ever and the radical left has brainwashed many individuals into thinking that violence is the key to solving the issues that face our country. The mainstream media has spun a narrative, quite successfully, that conservatives who just want to protect liberty and ensure that our freedom sticks around for future generations, are evil terrorists.

We know that’s not the case, but with so many people willing to believe the lies from CNN, MSNBC, and others, it’s an uphill battle for the truth.

During the symposium on Thursday, Mike Lindell dropped information concerning a number of huge and quite shocking developments that will no doubt make the target on his back a bit bigger.

During the event, Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters’ home was raided by state officials. This individual has four kids at home, folks. All of her computer equipment was taken.

According to Gateway Pundit, Col. Phil Waldron came on stage and then told the audience the symposium had been infiltrated. And now that we know Lindell was assaulted, that claim appears to have been true.

“In addition the Red Team started receiving credible threats about two weeks ago… We detected disruptors inside trying to be people ejected. really radical folks outside trying to penetrate. We got folks exchanging badges in the parking lot, press badges. We’ve identified those agitators and provocateurs by photo imagery, validated by their social media platforms… The big end game is to discredit all of the legislators who are here to listen… They are obviously trying to ruin the message that Mike is trying to get out. So this is typical insurrection activities. This is part of the Color Revolution,” Waldron stated.

Waldron then informed the crowd that someone attempted to insert faulty data into the conference and that the federal authorities were notified.

If you remember correctly, before this event was held, Fox News refused to play any ads that promoted the symposium, prompting Lindell to yank his ads from the network. Newsmax, on the other hand, had no problem airing them. Just goes to show you that “fair and balanced” is apparently a thing of the past for Fox.

During the second day of the symposium, President Donald Trump gave Lindell a huge boost. Trump joined in with Lindell and smashed on Fox News for not bothering to provide the event, which kicked off Tuesday in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, any news coverage.

“Fox doesn’t understand that it is missing a rating bonanza by not covering the 2020 Election Fraud, the Crime of the Century, which is being exposed throughout many states on a daily basis,” Trump went on to say Wednesday in a statement. “They are also doing a disservice to our Country. People have turned them off!”

Lindell later clarified that the president had no involvement in the event.

Lindell himself slammed Fox, saying it’s “disgusting” that the network has not “talked about this election.”

“At least we know where CNN and all these terrible outlets come from. At least they attacked, and then we can at least get the word out,” the CEO said.

On Wednesday, Lindell said, “Where’s Fox? Today Fox should be livestreaming this.”

Guess we know where Fox stands now, right?

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  1. Mike Lindell the average American who made good. from the bottom to the top a guy whose been there done that and wants American and her People to destroy the attackers of America. those who will do anything to destroy our country. making sure we Americans we Patriots cant overcome the destruction left has made.
    but here is the average American patriot fighting a war against the inside enemy. the enemy from within. now you see the bankruptcy in America coming our way who will lay claim to the debts owed why of course foreign communist countries. and the so-called media who owns them don’t expect any kind of truth. and now the educational system openly destroying the minds of the youth. not even trying to cover it when are the educators just going to hand out the communist manifesto as regular school studies and passing grade required. or are they already doing it.

  2. All the things the left are doing only proves they’re guilty of everything.If they’ve done no wrong, why are they doing such things?

  3. Yes this is how nazi germany was able to gain control initially. Lies and deceit control the liberals. I am somewhat sad that fox is rejecting this fight for our country!

  4. What happened to Mike was tragic to him and what our nation has become, Gods grace keep him strong. Fox news, three programs back to back that say the same thing very carefully reporting wrongs but in a very watered down way. Georgia was a simple one; dems say that blacks are too stupid to get ID cards when the inner cities are ran by black and dems. Oregon was just as simple; blacks are too stupid to meet basic reading, writing, and arithmetic standards, again ran by dems. One need look at NASA to prove this one wrong. Fox should have reported that every person of color in America should be pissed for being called stupid. Now you have the USDA being directed to WRITE-OFF all farm debt to all minority farmers (except white women), just because of skin color. Fox news has not reported on this. The election scam investigations are picking up steam with only minimal mention by FOX and the symposium deserved coverage but Jessie’s book was more important. Funny, this is the only and best we got.


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