Mike Pence Heckled And Booed, Called A “Traitor” At Faith & Freedom Coalition (Video)

(Republican Insider) – Mike Pence was met with boos and chants of “traitor” on Friday when he took the podium at the Faith & Freedom Coalition conference in Kissimmee, Florida to address a crowd of evangelical and conservative activists.

Pence was the final speaker following other prominent Republicans such as US Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott of Florida, Ted Cruz of Texas, and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. None of these other speakers took the heat that Pence took when he arose to address the crowd.

While there were scattered boos, one person can be clearly heard yelling “Traitor!” as Pence began to speak and many people even left the conference altogether in protest. Security worked quickly to remove those yelling out at Pence.

Despite the fact that Mike Pence has consistently voted and governed in line with the Faith & Freedom Coalition, many in the crowd were just unable to get past the fact that Pence could have stopped the stolen 2020 election by sending contested results back to the states.

Instead, Pence did nothing and went ahead and confirmed Joe Biden as the president of the United States.

Trump supporters have been slow to forgive Pence for this, if at all.

Pence is expected to run for president in 2024 if President Trump does not but it seems as though he might have a difficult road ahead, especially if he is counting on Trump supporters for their support.

Pence appeared to be a loyal supporter of President Trump throughout their term in the White House and highlighted this during his speech.

During his remarks he touted the success of the coronavirus vaccine and he and Trump’s success in restoring religious freedom. He also took a few shots at the Biden regime for failing to take stronger action to defend Israel and its abysmal handling of illegal immigration and the border crisis.

“When I was vice president, I visited the southern border,” Pence said, referring to the current VP’s refusal to do the same even amidst serious pressure to do so.

Nonetheless, many Republicans just can’t get past the stolen election and why should they? As a result of the election, America has been rapidly plummeted into the radical left’s agenda with the ultimate goal being socialism.

Joe Biden appears to be a puppet controlled by a number of powerful globalist elites who want nothing more than to destroy America from the inside out. He exudes weakness and the world is falling back into chaos and unrest as a result.

How can Trump supporters and freedom-loving conservatives simply just accept the fraudulent results of the stolen election. So much damage has already been done to America. What will this country look like after four years of Joe Biden and the radical left?

Mike Pence could have taken action. He could have done more. Instead he kowtowed to the pressure from Democrats and did exactly what they wanted him to. No wonder many on the right are having a hard time respecting him now.

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  1. You had your chance and showed your true colors and now we are descending into socialism, Mike. Your a once and done. Good riddance!

  2. If he’s the republican nominee, I’m voting for him, even though he did wimp out. He’s better than anyone the left will cough up for ’24.

  3. Mike Pence is a turncoat!!! There could not be a better word to describe Mike Pence than turncoat! Mike Pence is delusional if he thinks he has a snowball’s chance in Hell to become elected as a dogcatcher let alone be elected President. Who is feeding goofy shiite in Mike Pence’s ear to make him think that nonsense???

  4. Many do not know that the Heritage Foundation took Mike Pence in as a fellow. Two directors immediately gave their resignations. I stopped all donations to the Heritage Foundation. Pence is a buddy of the murdering Clinton’s as well. He is definitely Deep State..

  5. Mr Pence is an honorable man who tried to interpret a stupid law. No matter what he might have done, he would be criticized. The best thing he could have done would have been to postpone the proceedings on Jan 6. Meantime he is sending everyone requests to join Club for Growth, or as I call it “the Chamber of Commerce Club”.

  6. if Mike Pence is the Best the Republican Party could present in 2024, i will stay at home and not vote. He was aware there was fraud being perpetrated but he did not have the strenght to to challenge it. America does not need a weak leader and policians who only talk but does nothing .Mike Pence is too weak , he does not have the qualities of a leader , he ran away and went into hi is better as a follower


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