MUST-SEE: Biden Interrupted By Protester During Gun Control Speech

(Republican Insider) – Now that Republicans have caved and allowed the Democrats to get their foot in the gun control door, it’s no surprise Dems are calling for more and more gun control.

Joe Biden gave a speech Monday where he promoted the Safer Communities Act and called for a ban on “assault weapons” like the AR-15.

During his speech, however, Biden was interrupted by a protester but before you get too excited, the protester was far from a pro-Second Amendment advocate.

The man who spoke out during Biden’s speech at the White House lambasted Biden for not doing enough to move gun control efforts along.

When the protester began to speak, Biden told him to sit down only to immediately tell the crowd to “let him speak.”

The protester was later identified as Manuel Oliver, whose son was killed in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School mass shooting in 2018.

It turns out, Oliver had spoken out on CNN prior to Biden’s speech and all but laid out his intentions to communicate to Biden that he’s not satisfied with the regime’s gun control efforts thus far.

During the CNN interview prior to the White House event, Oliver questioned Biden’s gun control accomplishments and insisted there must be more.

While Republicans ended up giving the gun control legislation the green light, they were still able to keep much of the left’s radical anti-Second Amendment agenda from taking form.

Nonetheless, we’re now on a very slippery slope.

When Oliver first interrupted Biden during the speech, it’s not clear what he was saying, however, it was later reported by NBC that Oliver said, “We have to do more than that,” in response to Biden claiming that his administration had made “meaningful progress on dealing with gun violence.”

Biden always claims his regime is making “meaningful progress” no matter what the topic at hand is. The reality is, Biden is letting down the extremists and far-left radicals who support him in the area of gun control.

When Biden continued his speech after the outburst, he went on to express his support of the original 1994 ban on supposed “assault weapons” and demanded a new version of the law be drafted.

The so-called “Safer Communities Act” passed with the support of 15 Senate Republicans and includes federal funds being doled out for states to create their own red flag laws, which are unconstitutional at best.

The law further tramples the rights of law-abiding Americans by making it more difficult for buyers under the age of 21 to obtain firearms and increases penalties for straw purchases of weapons.

Perhaps most concerning, the law also requires private citizens involved in the sale of firearms to register for a federal firearms license. Which essentially equates to a federal gun registry which is not legal or constitutional.

Democrats want more gun control and so does their anti-Second Amendment base.

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