MUST-SEE: Did Confused Biden Need A Reminder To Say ‘God Bless America’

(Republican Insider) – Joe Biden is completely mentally checked out. That’s why he’s the perfect puppet for the radical left.

When he speaks, and we all hear lies, it doesn’t necessarily mean Joe Biden is lying. He, in all likelihood, actually believes the nonsense he’s spewing.

He actually believes the radical agenda he’s pushing is the right thing to do. The radical left has manipulated and brainwashed this mentally-failing elderly man into believing their lies.

The worst part of his cognitive decline, however, is the fact that he doesn’t seem to have any kind of respect for the US any longer. That has become increasingly apparent.

This disdain for the US was on display Monday as Biden spoke on the South Lawn of the White House for the Fourth of July. With his wife, Jill Biden, by his side, he conveniently forgot to say “God Bless America.”

His wife, to no avail, attempted to remind him to say it but he instead put the microphone up to her mouth and she said it for him.

It was an awkward moment, indeed.

Social media users pointed out how checked out Biden appears to be after he couldn’t even remember one of the most basic things he’s supposed to say as the man who is masquerading as the president.

One user said his cognitive failure is “a sad thing to watch” while another suggested it’s time for Jill Biden to get her husband to retire, for his own sake.

Still, others were convinced that Joe Biden didn’t say God Bless America because he simply didn’t want to say it. That’s more likely the case. The radical left has convinced Joe Biden that America is a truly awful place.

It’s clear that Joe Biden does not love or respect the US like previous presidents have. It’s really no surprise seeing as how he served as VP under a former president who had much disdain for this country as well.

Hating America is trendy on the left. We have had it too good for too long in the US. Leftists just have to make problems where they don’t exist.

Are there areas where racism might still be an issue, maybe, but nowhere near the scale that Joe Biden and the left have made it seem.

The average American is not racist and yet Joe Biden and the left have no problem labeling all white people as racists and condemning supposed “systemic racism” on a regular basis though they can never actually define what exactly that means.

Joe Biden hates America just like his leftist handlers and it couldn’t be more obvious.

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  1. As a Retired US Army Officer, I am appalled that he no longer salutes his military aides when he enters and exits Air Force One. This basic sign of respect for the military of the United States is so obviously a sign of his age, his disrespect for the military, and for our country. He was the wrong person whose backers cheated the way for him to occupy the Oval Office, and remains so to this day. To think that things will get better under his plans are sheer lunacy. God pray for our country.


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