MUST-SEE: Fired Feinstein Staffer Shares WILD Video…

(Republican Insider) – According to a report from BizPacReview, a staffer for Sen. Diane Feinstein, a Democrat from California, was booted from his position after five years of service that led to a wild video going viral and allegations of racism against her office.

In the video, which is flying all around the internet, Jamarcus Purley went on to say that he was smoking a joint as he walked across the furniture in the office space. Claiming that he was high on psychedelic mushrooms, he referred to it as the “best night of his motherf****ing life,” going on to explain that it was something he felt he had to do because “no one would ever know the sh*t Feinstein does to black people if I didn’t make it impossible to ignore.”

“After Purley appeared on the MSNBC, Feinstein’s office released a statement to the network that read, ‘Office policy is to not comment on personnel matters, however Mr. Purley disclosed his termination letter that explained he was released due to repeated failures over weeks and months to perform his duties and appear regularly for work in person or remotely,'” the report said.

“Purley was terminated from his employment with Feinstein on February 8, according to Latino Rebels. Described as a graduate of Harvard and Stanford who studied abroad at Oxford, Purley expressed the concerns he had been facing in the wake of his father’s death in an interview with the outlet,” the report continued.

“Having studied English literature along with African and African American studies, Purley detailed that he had received a promotion from his entry level post as staff assistant to a legislative correspondent in December 2020, the same month he said his father died of COVID. This new position required him to read letters to correspondents and reply on behalf of Feinstein,” the report added.

Purley then went on to explain that the new role provided him with a lot of insight concerning the struggles of “black and brown families,” and his alleged efforts to try and get the senator to take even greater actions on their behalf. He then expressed concerns within the office where he said that Feinstein had called him by the name of another black employee. He also said that co-workers allegedly touched his hair without permission.

“Based off of his experiences in the office and what he had gathered from her constituents, Purley assessed that Feinstein did not care about black people and told Latino Rebels that he accused her of caring ‘more about Kirby, her f*ckin’ dog, than black people” on a conference call with the rest of the team,'” the report stated.

Purley also believed there was a greater turnover of black employees after Feinstein hired David Grannis to be her chief of staff.

“The February 8 termination letter informed Purley that he was being terminated for performance issues. Purley published the letter to Instagram and paid the social media site to promote it. However, Purley said the post was removed after Instagram notified him it violated their policies,” the report went on to say.

“We’ve determined that this ad is about social issues, elections, or politics,” the message from Instagram stated. “Your ad may have been rejected if it mentions politicians or sensitive social issues that could influence public opinion, how people vote, and may impact the outcome of an election or pending legislation.”

Purley then went on to say that the rejection he received to promote his termination made him very upset, which he dealt with by eating “shrooms,” putting on a suit, and heading off to the Capitol.

Once he arrived there, allegedly under the influence of hallucinogens, Purley went inside Feinstein’s office and made a video of himself dancing and singing along to the DeBarge song “I Like It.”

Well, there’s your daily dose of weird, folks.

But would it really surprise anyone to learn that a Democratic senator is racist?

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  1. Democrats are the most racist soul less group of people. They are wolves in sheep clothing. They use black and brown people as modern day slaves. They don’t like any black person who have a brain that they can’t manipulate. The Democrats see black and brown as their way into the house or senate to get power and masked wealth for themselves, their families and their cronies. It would be nice to be a fly on their walls when they show their true colors. No matter their skin type they are racist.

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