MUST-SEE: Fisher-Price Introduces LGBT Toy To ‘Inspire’ Toddlers

(Republican Insider) – The radical left in this country has launched a full blown, demonically inspired culturally militaristic campaign to groom our children into accepting that sexual perversions like homosexuality and transgenderism are normal expressions of behavior.

Once they manage to move the Overton Window to the left a little more and make this all just an acceptable part of modern American society, they will move on to attempting to normalize pedophilia. It’s going to happen. They are already working on it. Which is why stories like this one are so important.

Apparently, there is a brand new toy coming out, marketed to toddlers, that seeks to honor drag queen RuPaul. Yes, you read that correctly. They are really pushing the LGBTQ agenda on children pretty hard, aren’t they?

According to The Western Journal, Mattel, under the Fisher-Price brand, is set to put out a three-figurine pack of toys devoted to RuPaul. Two figures will be featured in drag and one will be representing the host of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” says a report from WGN-TV.

“The figure pack honors RuPaul’s efforts to inspire people young and old to be true to themselves,” Mattel went on to say in a press release.

Mattel then quoted the “wise words of MamaRu” in the release the company put out, stating, “Don’t be afraid to become the image of your own imagination — it inspires others to do the same.”

Apparently these folks don’t understand that an imagination without proper moral boundaries can be a very dangerous thing.

“This fun figure set celebrates the iconic American actor, singer, model and television personality with three Little People® figures inspired by dazzling looks from a truly amazing career,” Mattel goes on to say in a promo created for the figurines on its website. “This must-have figure set comes in a specially designed, gift-ready package, perfect for any fan’s display shelf.”

The toy has been placed in the “toddler and preschool” section of the company’s online store.

“The new product has been greeted with backlash from the American Family Association, which is calling for Americans to pressure Fisher-Price into discontinuing the toy,” the Western Journal reported.

“Thanks, Fisher-Price! Now, parents will have to deal with the confusion experienced by their children when these inappropriate dolls are seen on store shelves,” Monica Cole of One Million Moms went on to write in response to the toys on the AFA’s website.

“It is outrageous that a toy company is marketing and normalizing gender dysphoria to young children. Parents who are not already aware of the company’s agenda, please be forewarned: Children are being ‘groomed’ by Fisher-Price drag queen dolls under the disguise of playtime,” she continued.

Cole then expressed the group’s thoughts on the toys by saying, “Fisher-Price is brainwashing our preschoolers and elementary-age children.”

She then stated that there’s nothing at all playful about the actions Mattel is taking with these figures.

“Fisher-Price is purposely confusing our innocent children by attempting to destroy very definitive gender lines. Why can’t the toy manufacturer let kids be who God created them to be instead of glamorizing a sinful lifestyle?” she asked.

Cole then stated that it looks like only some people matter to the Mattel company, pointing out that RuPaul toys are an “obvious attempt to please a small percentage of customers while pushing away conservative customers who hold to the age-old truth that a boy is a boy, and a girl is a girl.”

“Fisher-Price is choosing to push an agenda of sexual confusion instead of promoting its actual product. This PC-inclusive toy set blurs the biological distinctions between males and females. Introducing children to this lifestyle choice is contrary to what conservative, Christian parents are teaching their children about God’s design,” she concluded.

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  1. Fisher Price is running out of ideas.
    They chose a downward slide into the dark recesses of grooming and child endangerment.

  2. I see FISHER PRICE really DOESN’T care about EDUCATING children . . . only DEMONICALLY INDOCTRINATING them. BOYCOTT them! One Enlightened And DISGUSTED Patriot.

  3. Oh, come on, this is getting ridiculous. I can’t buy Barbie (Mattel) and Fisher Price any more. I just brought the Fisher Price telephone and now I have to return it. I just brought some Barbies for gifts and I will have to return them too. Children are not to be offered up for adult sexual activity by adults and this adult (meaning me) is not forking over dough to keep Mattel and Fisher Price in business so they can offer up children to LGBT’s adult sexual activity. I am getting so fed up with these “woke” LGBT creeps running these companies. It’s time they fired their LGBT CEOs and get back to business, you know, making and selling a product to customers.

  4. Thank God I do not have small children. This is beyond sick and perverted. They are doing they’re damnedest to take God out of everything. Why don’t they just put on the cover “sponsored by Satan”. They took prayer and the pledge of allegiance out of schools to replace it with smut and this perverted transgender crap.

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