MUST-SEE: Texas Has Dropped Off The First Busload Of Illegal Aliens In DC

(Republican Insider) – On April 6, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced he was prepared to start bussing illegal immigrants to Washington DC in response to the Biden regime’s failure to get control of the immigration crisis.

Abbott fulfilled that promise on Wednesday as the first bus of immigrants arrived in the nation’s capital around 8 am. They were dropped off just blocks away from the Capitol building, according to Fox News.

The immigration situation has been out of control since the very first day of Biden’s term but Abbott was responding in particular to the regime rescinding Title 42, which was a measure put in place at the start of the pandemic to prevent illegal immigrants from being allowed into the country.

With Title 42 gone, there will be nothing stopping illegal immigrants from flooding into our country via the southern border.

The move to revoke Title 42 has been universally criticized by nearly all Republicans and even some moderate Democrats since it will likely result in a massive surge of illegal immigrants.

Texas has hundreds of miles of border land and Abbott has been at odds with the Biden regime since day 1 for not only refusing to address the situation but for causing the situation in the first place by revoking and reversing all of Trump’s successful immigration and border policies.

“Texans demand and deserve an aggressive, comprehensive strategy to secure our border — not President Biden’s lackluster leadership,” Abbott said in a statement, “As the federal government continues to roll back commonsense policies that once kept our communities safe, our local law enforcement has stepped up to protect Texans from dangerous criminals, deadly drugs and illegal contraband flooding into the Lone Star State.”

“The Biden administration’s open-border policies have paved the way for dangerous cartels and deadly drugs to pour into the United States, and this crisis will only be made worse by ending Title 42 expulsions,” Abbott added.

Local law enforcement in Texas are overwhelmed with the sheer number of illegal immigrants coming into their communities so Abbott took matters into his own hands and decided to ship off willing undocumented immigrants straight to DC.

“To help local officials whose communities are being overwhelmed by hordes of illegal immigrants who are being dropped off by the administration, Texas is providing charter buses to send these illegal immigrants who have been dropped off by the Biden administration to Washington, D.C.,” Abbott said during a news conference.

There was some doubt over whether or not Abbott was serious and the White House even said it was just a “publicity stunt.”

“I’m not aware of what authority the governor would be doing that under,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said, “I think it’s pretty clear this is a publicity stunt. His own office admits that a migrant would need to voluntarily be transported, and he can’t compel them to because, again, enforcement of our country’s immigration laws lies with the federal government, not a state.”

Interestingly, the Biden regime has no interest at all in enforcing immigration laws.

Despite the doubts, Abbott proved he was serious on Wednesday when immigrants showed up in DC from the Lone Star state.

Fox reported that the immigrants on this first bus are from the Del Rio sector of Texas, and most came from Colombia, Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. Abbott has also promised charter flights to DC for any willing immigrants, according to the Texas Tribune.

Moving these immigrants up to DC has done little to help the situation in Texas and likely won’t. It’s the principle of the matter.

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  1. One bus load of illegal aliens isn’t enough. Send 20 or 30 bus loads and let them off in front of the capital building. Then send another 20 or 30 bus loads to Wilmington, Delaware and let them off in front of Biden’s vacation home. When they start camping on his front lawn and trashing up the beach where he loves to walk, maybe then he’ll think about what he has done to this country. His 2.74 million dollar 4,786-square-foot home has six bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a “gourmet” kitchen, three fireplaces and numerous decks and porches, so he could easily house many of those illegal aliens that he loves so much. After all, he’s the one who put out the “Welcome” sign and said, “come on in”.

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