MUST-SEE: Trump Has Epic Message For Liz Cheney

(Republican Insider) – President Donald Trump took an opportunity last weekend to absolutely shred his biggest nemesis in the Republican Party, one Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, referring to her as “Pelosi’s lapdog” and flashing up an image of her face in a mashup with former President George W. Bush.

And boy does she deserve what she got. Cheney voted to impeach Trump, throwing her lot in with Democrats and has been on the warpath against him and the vast majority of the individuals who make up the GOP ever since.

According to the Daily Mail, Trump’s post bashing Cheney said, “Wyoming thought you were electing a conservative warrior, but instead you got a lapdog for Pelosi and a human sound bite machine for CNN and MSDNC.” For those who might not be in on the joke, the “MSNDC” is a mashup of liberal network MSNBC and the Democratic National Convention.

“Liz Cheney hates the voters of the Republican Party and she has for longer than you know. Wyoming deserves a congresswoman who stands up for you and your values not one who spends all of her time putting you down and going after you president in the most vicious way possible,” the former president went on to tell thousands of supporters who had gathered together in Casper on Saturday.

Trump then went on to refer to the three-term congresswoman as the face of the Washington swamp and then said she represented the same failed foreign policy of former administrations such as the Bushs, Obamas, Bidens, and Clintons.

The former president then blasted Cheney’s face on the jumbotron located at the front of the Ford Wyoming Center where her hair and face were mashed up with a photograph of former President George W. Bush.

“I think she looks good, looks nice,” Trump jeered. “But Liz Cheney is about America last.”

“Trump visited Casper, Wyoming nearly three months before the Wyoming GOP primary on August 16, 2022 where the candidate he endorsed – Harriet Hageman – is the favorite to win,” the Daily Mail said. “Hageman received several standing ovations in her remarks ahead of Trump taking stage.”

“Her simple message: Wyoming is ‘fed up’ with Cheney and other congressional RINOs, which Trump uses degradingly to refer to those he claims are Republicans In Name Only, but who do not represent real ideals of the Party,” the report continued.

During Trump’s comments on stage, he said that RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) are far worse than Democrats.

Then, what was a throwback to the days where he played a judge on reality television, Trump said that Wyoming residents needed to “fire” Cheney.”

“Because of what Liz Cheney did, that’s why she was thrown out of the House Republican leadership, which is just about a first. It’s why she was censured by the Republican National Committee, which is so lame – that virtually never happens,” he went on to say. “It’s why she was censured by the Wyoming GOP. We have [Frank Eathorne Jr.] here, I’ll introduce him, but I’m very proud of Frank.”

“And that’s why in two months from now, the people of Wyoming are going to tell her Liz you’re fired get out,” Trump stated.

And the crowd exploded into applause.

Hageman did indeed pull off a major victory over Cheney, making her the laughingstock everyone already knew she was.

Trump posted on Truth Social about Hageman’s victory, saying, “This is a wonderful result for America, and a complete rebuke of the Unselect Committee of political Hacks and Thugs. Liz Cheney should be ashamed of herself, the way she acted, and her spiteful, sanctimonious words and actions towards others. Now she can finally disappear into the depths of political oblivion where, I am sure, she will be much happier than she is right now. Thank you WYOMING!”

So the people of Wyoming really did fire Cheney.

Isn’t that glorious?

Copyright 2022.

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  1. Why are you listening to Trump?

    He does not know how to tell the truth. He is obsessively narcissistic. He cannot take criticism in any form or for any reason. When criticized, he immediately lashes out and uses demeaning, insulting and vulgar terms in an attempt to embarrass and humiliate the person who has offended him – AND he goes to extremes to do so. He is extremely misogynistic, proof of that being over 20 civil suits against him for sexual harassment. (Also the Hollywood interview tape released in 2016). He told over 30,000 lies as the 45th President. He attempted to destroy our alliance with most of Europe and our partnerships in NATO. He cozied up to every dictator he could – Putin, Kim I’ll Jung, Erdogan to name a few. He passes one -ONE- significant piece of legislation in his first two years with GOP control of Congress – a tax bill that permanently enabled the rich and gave just a five year breathing period (ends 2022) to the middle class.
    He promised to eliminate “Obamacare”. He came close to doing so, BUT without ANY – ANY- option to replace it for the 20(+) million people that depend on it for health care.

    He continually downplayed, denied, Pooh-pooped the COVID-19 pandemic until it became the all-driving issue for our country (economy, way of life, church, family gatherings, etc.) and then he attacked the experts that from the beginning attempted to give him sound advice – Which he conveniently and totally ignored – and he came up with ridiculous solutions that were completely nonsensical and just plain wrong.

    Then he started the “Big Lie”, that the election was stolen from. Over 60 failed court cases, many to the Supreme Court, and you still take his word for anything? He was intimately involved in the 6 Jan insurrection, attempting to completely bypass our democratic Constitution and illegally remain in power.

    And now Mara-logo : Hundreds upon hundreds of documents, many heavily classified and absolutely putting our democracy and many dedicated individuals in it in severe and very significant danger.
    NONE of those documents – REPEAT – NONE of those documents should ever had left the White House. Trump claims that all are his!?!? And that this is an unlawful seizure. He personally declassified all the classified documents on his authority. ,!! ABSOLUTELY WRONG!!
    FIRST, every document taken from the White House regardless of who had it or created, particularly the President, All of them – REPEAT – ALL of THEM – belong to America- to the NATIONAL ARCHIVES.
    Even personal correspondence by TRUMP.
    SECOND, no president, REPEAT, NO PRESIDENT has the authority to declassify documents. There is a real and distinct process that must be followed to do so, with records of what and why was declassified. None of those records were ever created nor was any declassification procedure was ever even attempted. The TS/SCI documents in particular, the highest security classification in the USA, must be handled ONLY in a SCIF ( Secure Containment FAcility (like the situation room in the WH). Yet there were many of these TS/SCI documents stored in boxes in a store room in Mara-logo which was not even close to the requirement for storing such sensitive documents. And Trump claimed these were his????? Huh????
    THIRD: The National Archives have attempted over 1-1/2 years to peacefully and cooperate To work with TRump to recover these documents. TRUMP has agreed, stonewalled, ignored, refused, – in other words, has been completely non-cooperative in this endeavor, often repeating the claim (a LIE) that these documents are his.
    FOURTH: any other US citizen who had even one classified document in his/hers unlawful position would currently be in jail for violating several laws. The FBI to date has handled the situation with care – BUT – the results CLEARLY show that MULTIPLE crimes have been committed by TRUMP.

    Long winded perhaps, but the above only touches on a small portion of the chaos, crimes, and ugliness of the Trump Administration. YET you listen to him and believe HIM ???

    • So what you’re saying is give Biden a pass?….sir dig a little deep and you will see the truth…the man you voted for is one of the biggest idiot’s elected as president in my lifetime…but what ever turns your crank!!


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