NBC Reporter Contacts Secret Service Over Offensive “Let’s Go Brandon” Printed On AR-15

(Republican Insider) – The mainstream media makes a mockery of journalism on a daily basis. Joe Biden does a good enough job humiliating the US on his own. The clowns at networks like CNN and MSNBC only add to it by covering up for Biden and their own hysterics.

In the latest edition of mainstream media propaganda, the far-left talking heads over at MSNBC went off the deep-end over some “offensive” inscriptions found on firearms.

The meltdown was in response to gun dealers marketing their AR-15 firearms with the “Let’s Go Brandon” slogan that has become the PG version of “F*** Joe Biden.”

Palmetto State Armory is marketing a “LETSGO-15 Stripped Lower Receiver” that described three modes of the fire selector on the weapon as: “F***!” (Safe), “JOE!” (Fire), “BIDEN!” (Full-Auto).

The lower receiver also features a laser-engraved logo of a victorious Biden with the NASCAR flag.

This is nothing short of epic and they were already likely selling plenty of guns just because of the genius labeling. Now the snowflakes at MSNBC are giving them free advertising. Sales are surely going to go through the roof.

MSNBC reporter Ken Dilanian conveyed his utter shock and disbelief over the gun labeling and it’s offensive nature towards the “president,” on Monday and even said he called the Secret Service to ensure there was no “threat to the president.”

You just can’t make this stuff up.

Dilanian’s segment was introduced by an MSNBC host who pretended to not understand the “Let’s Go Brandon” phrase and said it’s a “code phrase for a swearing insult at the president.”

He then said that people might have “a lot of questions especially when trying to understand what this Brandon thing is,” before handing it over to Dilanian, who he said was “breaking this story.”

Dilanian then took over and attempted to downplay the origins of the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant, which has become an internet sensation and American rallying cry in opposition of the Biden regime.

Dilanian called it a “right-wing code for ‘expletive Joe Biden’” before explaining the chant originated at a NASCAR race just last month during an interview with race winner Brandon Brown.

“A nearby crowd was chanting something that was difficult to make out and the reporter suggested they were chanting ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ to cheer the winning driver, but it became increasingly clear that they were chanting something else.”

What a liar. The chant was clear from the beginning. Everyone knew the crowd was chanting “F*** Joe Biden!” and the NBC reporter was trying to cover it up and failed miserably though it did result in the “Let’s Go Brandon” phenomenon that has literally taken the country by storm.

That’s just how “popular” Joe Biden really is.

Dilanian then reported that he contacted the Secret Service to ensure the guns being sold with the “F*** Joe Biden” labels were no “threat to the president.”

Naturally, the Secret Service did not comment as they likely found the question to be too absurd to justify with a response.

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