New Photos Reveal Illegals Waving ‘Biden For President’ Flags While Waiting To Get Into The U.S.

(Republican Insider) – A few photographs that were taken near the U.S.-Mexico border show migrants who are waiting to get into the United States while waving a “Biden For President” flag.

According to Infowars, the photos were taken by AFP photographer Guillermo Arias last week. The migrants featured in the photos are waiting inside a large tent camp located in Tijuana, Mexico.

One of these individuals is flying the Biden flag, signaling that many of the migrants think that the new administration should give them asylum.

As we already know, there’s a crisis unfolding at the border thanks in large part to the horrific changes President Joe Biden made to our immigration policy during his first few days in office.

Now we’re experiencing an unprecedented surge of unaccompanied minors and other migrants at the border who are being let into the country and bussed around to various cities. Many of them are also COVID positive to boot.

The Biden flag is a symbol for the migrants who are very eager to get into the United States now that Joe Biden is president, being willing to sneak in and break our laws in order to be given all kinds of free welfare goodies.

During a recent interview with ABC correspondent Martha Raddatz, an illegal migrant who has crossed the border confessed he would not have brought his family from Brazil and crossed the border if Trump were still president.

“Would you have tried to do this when Donald Trump was president?” Raddatz asked the migrant.

“Definitely not,” the illegal alien answers.

“Did you come here because Joe Biden was elected president?” Raddatz goes on to ask.

“Basically,” he says.

Some migrants who were busted crossing into the country illegally are quoted in a piece from the New York Times where they claim that they believed Biden had encouraged them to come to America.

“In an article, migrants stopped and detained by US Customs and Border Protection at the US border in El Paso said Biden had encouraged them to come to America, proclaiming, “Biden promised us!” Infowars reports.

What’s truly maddening about this whole situation is that it is completely and totally created by Biden. Had he left Trump’s immigration policies in place, this wouldn’t be happening. That has been proven by the quotes coming from the immigrants themselves.

And then, of course, you have the administration refusing to use the term “crisis” to describe what’s happening at the Southern border.

Clearly, Biden has been sending the message for these folks to surge at the border for a long, long time. He needs to take responsibility for himself and his messaging.

Admit what he did and then take proper steps to fix it. Of course, this probably won’t happen, but we can hope, can’t we?

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  1. Biden clearly advocated for migrants to surge into our country while he campaigned. When he stopped the border wall that message said, “please come”. When he said no deportations, when he went back to catch and release, the message is come here. Now 15,000 children are at the border, and 500 a day are arriving.


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