New Republican Legislation Aims To Ban Black Lives Matter And LGBT Flags From Being Flown At US Embassies

(Republican Insider) – Republican Rep. Nicole Malliotakis has now introduced a brand new bill that would put a ban on “political” banners, like the BLM and LGBTQ+ flags, from being flown at United States Embassies.

According to a new report from Infowars Malliotakis said, “The American flag is a beacon of freedom and hope for oppressed peoples around the world; it should be the primary flag flown above our embassies, and that is what my legislation seeks to accomplish. The Administration’s directive is an insult to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our flag and our nation – especially as we head into Memorial Day weekend — and it is absolutely ridiculous that legislation is needed to correct this issue.”

It doesn’t appear very likely right now that this bill will gain the support needed to pass thanks to the Democratic Party controlling the House. The bill itself is known as The Stars and Stripes Act of 2021 and is currently co-sponsored by quite a few folks in Congress, including Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik and Rep. Ken Buck.

“Our beautiful American flag should fly over our US embassies around the world — not the flag of a political organization founded by Marxists,” Stefanik went on to say.

The bill is a response to moves made by President Joe Biden and his administration which allow the country’s embassies in overseas locations to put the BLM and LGBTQ+ flags on display along with the U.S. flag. It’s being reported that in Athens, the BLM flag being flown reportedly covered the seal of the United States.

“It is inappropriate for President Biden and Secretary Blinken to authorise and encourage the display of inherently political flags that are in no way affiliated with the US Government over American embassies overseas,” Malliotakis stated.

“The rise of the Black Lives Matter campaign, following last year’s death of African-American George Floyd in police custody. The ex-convict’s death triggered mass protests in a large number of major cities in the United States, where demonstrators denounced police brutality and demanded justice for African Americans who suffered at the hands of US police officers,” Infowars stated in their published piece on the issue.

It’s disgraceful to fly any flag at these embassies other than Old Glory, as this is the official banner that represents not only our nation, but also the principles that govern our way of life. It’s not just a piece of cloth.

The flag is a symbol of everything beautiful about our democratic republic. We certainly don’t want a Marxist organization to be flying their symbol on the same pole as our flag. That gives their movement credibility that it doesn’t deserve.

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