NHL Player Can’t Contain His Laughter After Biden Calls NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman “Gary Batman”

(Republican Insider) – The Biden regime is careful to keep Biden surrounded by those who can keep a straight face during his public appearances and speeches. The gaffe-prone clown-in-chief can’t make it through a single event without making a fool of himself and for the average American, it’s comical.

Of course, it’s also sad that Biden is being used by the radical left this way but his mental incompetence has made America the laughing stock of the world and, quite frankly, Biden is the face of the regime. Sympathy for the guy is hard to come by.

On Monday, Biden hosted the most recent Stanley Cup Champions, the Tampa Bay Lightning, at the White House. The visit celebrated back-to-back Stanley Cup wins for the Lightning during the 2020 and 2021 seasons.

But Joe Biden is Joe Biden and just couldn’t help himself. When attempting to thank NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman for attending the event, he referred to him as “Gary Batman.”

This gaffe is pretty minor in comparison to most of his others but it was the reaction of a Tampa Bay player standing right behind him that is getting this gaffe all the attention.

Defenseman Victor Hedman, one of the most outstanding players on the team, just could not hold in his amusement after hearing Biden say “Gary Batman.” His laughter can be seen plain as day and we love it.

Hedman won the Conn Smythe trophy as the Most Valuable Player during the playoffs after Tampa Bay’s 2020 Stanley Cup victory, and he was awarded the Norris Trophy in 2018 as the league’s best defenseman.

He’s not just some no-name player. He’s a major face in the NHL and his face said it all as he listened to Biden speak.

Perhaps Biden needs more people like Hedman around him on a regular basis to laugh and giggle at his constant blunders and slip-ups.

Twitter users took delight in Hedman’s reaction:

While this gaffe is certainly funny, there are many other times when things are less funny and more concerning such as his appearance over the Easter weekend where he had to be led around by the Easter Bunny:

Was that Kamala Harris in the Easter Bunny suit?

Later at the same event, his wife “Dr.” Jill Biden had to remind him to wave after he wished the crowd a “Happy Easter.”

It’s elder abuse to make Biden continue to serve this role yet he and his family seem content in doing it. Mental decline in the elderly is no laughing matter but Joe Biden isn’t just any elderly man.

He’s the face of the most radical regime America has ever seen. Shame on him and shame on his family for allowing it.

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