Now Restricted Docs Found At Biden’s Delaware HOME!

(Republican Insider) – President Trump had documents at his Mar-a-Lago estate that he maintains were declassified before he left office. As the President, Trump had that power and others in his administration have corroborated that he did, in fact, declassify the documents. Joe Biden, on the other hand, possessed classified documents from his time as vice president that he did not have the power to declassify. The documents were found in an office after 6 years and there’s no telling where they were before the Penn Biden Center opened in 2018.

Now there have been documents found, this time at Biden’s home, inside his garage in Wilmington, Delaware.

When is the FBI going to raid his other properties? Maybe they actually will. It’s pretty clear Biden and his team are trying to find any and all classified documents they can now that the GOP has taken control of the House. Biden certainly appears to be feeling the heat.

The New York Times reported that the White House confirmed the discovery of the second batch of documents on Thursday.

“During the review, the lawyers discovered among personal and political papers a small number of additional Obama-Biden administration records with classified markings,” special counsel Richard Sauber said.

“All but one of these documents were found in storage space in the President’s Wilmington residence garage. One document consisting of one page was discovered among stored materials in an adjacent room,” he stated.

After the announcement Thursday, Biden played it cool, as usual, while also failing to speak coherently. He asserted that everyone knows he takes classified documents “seriously” and insisted they were safe being that they were in his “locked garage” with his “Corvette.”

“People know I take classified documents and classified materials seriously,” Biden noted from the White House. “We’re cooperating fully and completely with the Justice Department review.”

Trump had also been cooperating fully but that didn’t stop the FBI from showing up and tossing his estate. Biden’s lawyers are trying to save the FBI the trouble. They reportedly searched Biden’s Rehoboth Beach, Delaware home but Sauber remarked that no documents had been found there.

Earlier this week, after information regarding the first batch of documents came out, Biden claimed he was “surprised” at the news that classified documents had been found in his former office at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement. He also declared that the documents have been turned over to the National Archives and he and his legal team are cooperating with the DOJ.

There have not been any updates as to how or why the documents were discovered, why his lawyers were searching his office, or why the news was withheld from the American people until well after the midterm elections when the documents were found on Nov. 2.

The media has reported that the classified records in the first batch of documents included intelligence memos and other materials related to Iran and Ukraine.

While Democrats and their media allies have insisted Trump should face the death penalty and hang for the treasonous act of possessing supposedly classified documents, they’re giving Biden a free pass. He’s “cooperating” they sanctimoniously declare.

Trump cooperated too and this is further proof of the blatant weaponization of the FBI, the DOJ, other federal agencies and the mainstream media itself.

The GOP cannot and must not allow Biden to get away with this.

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