NY Will Be Offering One-Time Payments Of Up To $15,600 To Illegals Who Were Put Out Of Work Because Of Pandemic

(Republican Insider) – The Democratic Party is once again proving that they care very little for the American people by seeking to lift up illegal aliens rather than work toward helping their own people who have suffered massive economic hardship because of the dictatorial policies of left-wing mayors and politicians that shut down the economy during the coronavirus pandemic, leading to many individuals losing their jobs.

According to a new report from Gateway Pundit, lawmakers from New York are now taking out a $2.1 billion COVID fund for illegals who have lost work during the pandemic. Yes, that’s right, ladies and gentlemen, the radical left is giving preferential treatment to individuals who have crossed our border illegally and stolen jobs from hard working Americans during this pandemic that has left so many families ravaged economically.

Why would they seek to help out illegals more so than their own fellow citizens? Because these illegals are the future of the Democratic Party. They are the individuals who will help the left steal future elections. In their eyes they are easier to control and manipulate than fellow Americans. It’s a sickening game they are playing.

This fund for illegal aliens is going to be the largest in the country. It’s actually bigger than the $75 million that California gave to illegal immigrants last year.

The fund is actually part of a larger state budget agreement that is set to offer one-time payments of up to $15,600 to illegals. Not only are we allowing these folks to have welfare benefits, but we are now actually rewarding them for breaking our laws and coming to this country to steal jobs from Americans. This is absurd.

In order for these folks to receive the funds being offered by the state of New York, illegals have to prove they are residents of the state of New York who were eligible for stimulus checks due to the pandemic but didn’t receive one because of their current immigration status.

“If the illegal alien is unable to provide any kind of documentation, they will still be given $3,200 – the same amount of money Americans were given in Covid stimulus checks approved by Congress,” the GP report said.

“According to the Pew Research Center, there are approximately 750,000 illegal aliens living in New York state,” the report added.

This is just plain out right horrid. Democrats are creating a privileged class by supporting illegal aliens and essentially giving them more rights and benefits than citizens of this country. It’s wrong on every level.

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  1. Whay I. The He’ll are they thinking. Why do they get 15.600 for coming in illegal. And we put them on welfare because Biden invited them.Let him take them to his house and keep them.Sick Sick Trudy


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