Obama Fans Furious After Noticing Problem With Michelle’s Face In Obama TV Show

(Republican Insider) – Liberals today are completely unhinged. While they have no problem throwing insults and mocking others, they have absolutely no emotional stability when it comes to taking it.

Even the perception of mockery is enough to send them over the edge. Such was the case in the latest Twitter meltdown over a black actress accurately portraying Michelle Obama’s signature pouty mouth.

The Twitter tantrum began after cable network Showtime debuted the first installment of its 10-episode anthology series “The First Lady.”

The first episode aired Sunday and featured award-winning actresses Viola Davis as Michelle Obama, Gillian Anderson as Eleanor Roosevelt and Michelle Pfeiffer as Betty Ford.

Leftists had nothing significant or meaningful to say about the substance of the show but rather were in complete meltdown mode over how Davis pursed her lips to portray Obama’s signature look.

The show was incredibly favorable to Michelle Obama, by the way, but leftists don’t care. They want their cake and to eat it, too.

Obama obsessed leftists immediately took to Twitter to slam Davis for her performance and claimed she overly exaggerated Michelle’s facial expressions.

To be fair, Michelle Obama is pretty clownish and Davis did a pretty fantastic job accurately portraying that.

This tantrum is just further proof that there is no loyalty amongst leftists. Davis is a vocal liberal who has publicly spoken against President Trump. Yet, the liberal Twitterverse turned on her in the drop of a hat.

This just proves, once again, that leftists are thin-skinned, crybaby, cyber bullies who demand special treatment based on gender, skin color, and politics rather than actual equality.

Some Twitter users even had to remind the world just how racist leftists truly are by pointing out that only black people get to criticize Davis’ performance.

Leftists can’t handle an actress giving her portrayal of Michelle Obama but they certainly had no problem with mocking and ridiculing Melania Trump the entire time she was in the White House.

The defamation got so bad she sued and won millions in damages and the apologies of several media outlets.

But let’s hear just how emotionally triggered they are over Michelle Obama being cast in what they perceive to be an unflattering light.

Cry me a river.

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