Oh, Hell! Putin Launches Diabolical New ‘Satan’ Missile

(Republican Insider) – In case you didn’t already believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin and many other individuals in the Russian government had a few screws loose, perhaps the fact that they have actually named one of the types of missiles they have in their arsenal “Satan” for six generations now should start to tip the scales.

According to Putin, the newest addition, a 16,000 mph vehicle that is capable of carrying up to 12 or 15 nuclear warheads, has officially been test fired. If he’s to be believed that is.

What’s the clever change made to the name of this monstrosity? It’s the Satan-2 (screenshot here).

Well, let’s be honest. Putin isn’t known for his creative thinking capabilities, is he?

The Russian president then went on to say the weapon is a warning to anyone out there who “threatens” his country and should give said nations “food for thought.”

This is yet another example of the bluster of Putin in his attempts to force the world to respect him on the playground because he found a big stick and is waving it around. Keep in mind his forces have been held at bay for a significant amount of time now by the Ukrainians, despite the latter being totally outnumbered.

“The Sun reported the weapon can fly 11,000 miles, carry 15 warheads and could destroy a region the size of France,” WND reported. “Russian state media RIA Novosti said it was launched from Plesetsk Cosmodrome in Arkhangelsk Oblast, northwestern Russia.”

“It reportedly traveled the length of Russia, about 3,600 miles, in only about 15 minutes,” the report continued. “It ended up on the Kamchatka Peninsula, in the Kura Missile Test Range, Russian sources said in the Sun report.”

“Most worryingly, the separate warheads in the Satan 2 missile are capable of detaching from the main 100-ton missile before traveling towards their target at hypersonic speeds,” the report revealed.

The Daily Mail stated in a report that the test launch was of Russia’s “next-generation” missile that Putin has already labeled as being “invincible.”

The report then goes on to explain that Russian officials believe this new missile could actually destroy the United Kingdom and possibly hit any target on the planet.

The Mail report then went on to say that the action raised “fears of further escalation of Vladimir Putin’s barbaric war in Ukraine.”

But that’s not all. The report then contained a warning for the rest of the world, saying, “The launch comes as a growing number of senior Kremlin insiders are said to be fearing the Russian strongman could resort to using nuclear weapons as Moscow’s position worsens.”

Just to give you an idea of how much Russia is getting its butt kicked, Moscow’s losses in their war with Ukraine has reached almost 21,000.

“The insiders warned Russia will be left with a crippled economy and limited global influence. They also voiced fears that Putin could turn to the drastic measure of using nuclear weapons against his enemies if his invasion of Ukraine fails,” the report stated.

Putin then took an opportunity to brag about it, saying, “The new complex has the highest tactical and technical characteristics and is capable of overcoming all modern means of anti-missile defense. It has no analogues in the world and won’t have for a long time to come.”

“During a recent interview, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, a Putin ally, declined to give a direct answer to repeated questions on whether Russia might use nuclear weapons in Ukraine,” the report stated.

Leigh Turner, a former British ambassador to Ukraine, said, “If Russia is visibly losing this war, it could be that Putin would authorize their use.”

These Satan missiles were originally announced way back in 1964 and they have gone through various renditions ever since then.

Look, this is pretty serious talk. It’s becoming more and more clear that Vladimir Putin is mentally unstable. Something is wrong here, behind the scenes, that we are not seeing. As a result of that, we need to proceed with caution in dealing with this situation. The last thing the world needs is a nuclear war.

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  1. He clearly underestimated the outcome and push back when he invaded Ukraine. US and NATO allies could have stopped it at the beginning if they put aside the principles of the alliance. After all they are dealing with someone who has no scruples.
    I bet Russia won’t be invading another neighbouring country, they know from the lesson learnt with Ukraine.
    The prelude to the third world war has begun. That is if you discount it as a prelude and count it as the beginning of the third world war.
    On the part of the US it should have been stopped then and there with US intervention or not helped Ukraine at all and let it be a quick takeover by Russia.
    Now it has evolved into another expensive war and multiple loss of life.
    Clearly when you have the kind of administration in charge in the States this is what can be expected.

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