One State Is Now Conducting A Secret Ballot Review Of The 2020 Election

(Republican Insider) – A report that was posted by WND is saying that after several poll monitors from Fulton County, Georgia testified last year that there were boxes of mail-in ballots for Joe Biden that appeared as though they’d been run through a photocopy machine, state investigators quietly broke the seal on one of the suspicious boxes and examined the hundreds of votes inside of it for signs of fraud.

“At the same time, a key whistleblower told RCI that state investigators pressured her to recant her story about what she and other poll monitors had observed — what they called unusually ‘pristine’ mail-in ballots while sorting through them during last November’s hand recount,” the report said.

“I felt I was under investigation,” said Suzi Voyles, who is a longtime Fulton County poll manager whose sworn affidavits have been used by election watchdogs to launch a lawsuit against the county in order to gain access to the suspicious ballots.

“Although the ballots are at the center of disputes about the Georgia presidential race, which Joe Biden won by just 12,000 votes, the state never disclosed its probe to the public or to election watchdogs suing to inspect the ballots,” the report continues.

“State officials also neglected to inform the judge hearing the lawsuit that they were conducting such an inspection, even though the judge had issued a protective order over the ballots in January. In a nine-page amicus brief recently filed in the case, attorneys for the office of Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger urged Superior Court Judge Brian Amero to deny petitioners’ requests to inspect the ballots, calling them a ‘fishing expedition,'” it added.

Chief investigator for the secretary of state’s office, Frances Watson, has confirmed through a statement to RCI that she has already sent out investigators to Fulton County earlier in the year to take a look at the batches of sealed ballots.

Poll monitors that were involved in the hand count that took place in November 2020 have all signed sworn affidavits describing the ballots as devoid of creases and folds, all with identical bubbled-in marks for Joe Biden. However, the state has said that it could not find any ballots that match the poll monitor’s description.

“Our investigators looked into it and didn’t find anything,” she went on to say, adding the investigation is “still ongoing.”

“The watchdogs question why state officials did not disclose their activities to the court and fear they may have ‘tampered’ with the sealed ballots, which are at the center of their lawsuit seeking access to all 147,000 absentee ballots cast during the 2020 election in Fulton County, which includes much of Atlanta,” WND’s report stated.

The court petitioners, led by Georgia poll watcher Garland Favorito, who is also the founder of the organization, said the state failed to inform the judge who was overseeing their case that they broke the chain of custody over the pallets of ballots located in the warehouse in a facility located in Atlanta.

“’If the secretary of state’s office did that, they tampered with the ballots and violated Georgia state law,’ which restricts the handling of ballots to authorized elections officials involved in the tabulation and care of the ballots, Favorito said. He also noted that Judge Amero had placed the ballots under a protective order in January. ‘They would have had to ask for a court order to unseal and inspect those ballots and they never did that,'” the report went on to add.

The office of Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger seemed to acknowledge the ballots were still under the seal when it strongly encouraged Amero to keep watchdogs from taking an opportunity to look at the ballots.

“The security and confidentiality of ballots is to be strictly maintained,” attorneys for Raffensperger stated in the brief they filed with Amero back in April, “and the court should be cautious in granting petitioners’ access to ballots that Georgia law requires to remain under seal, which makes it a felony as soon as petitioners were to lay hands on them.”

“Raffensperger’s office did not respond to questions about why it did not inform the court about its probe, although it acknowledged that this is the first time its inspection of the ballots – which began in early January – has been publicly disclosed. Judge Amero did not respond to requests for comment,” WND said.

Just last month, Amero ordered Fulton County to go ahead and unseal the 147,000 absentee ballots and allow the petitioners the opportunity to look at them, with certain restrictions put in place, but the county then filed a motion to toss out the case. Amero is now expected to rule on the motion later on this month.

Signing an affidavit is a big deal. If a person does this and it is later discovered they lied, they could be in serious legal trouble. Why would a person put themselves in that type of situation unless they actually witnessed something that wasn’t right in this election?

Common sense, right?

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  1. Why is it being done in secret ? Can the “inspectors” be trusted without supervision ? This information is sealed for a reason ..who gave these people the authorization to open ???? An audit NEEDS TO BE DONE but it does not need to be done in secret!! Too many questions have already been asked because of “secrets”

  2. What happened to the water burst pipe and who is the plumer or we have invisable Water as no vote got wet i hope the Judge ask to see the bill

  3. One big question concerning the 2020 election still has not been answered and that is – if there was no type of voter fraud committed, then why are the democrats so hell bent on stopping all of the investigations and audits??? There can, and is, only one reason for this and that is because the democrats know full well that there was indeed election fraud committed in the 2020 election. A group of top democrats set the whole fraud network up with the help and support of the despicable George Soros. They never thought that “we the people” with the help of some brave conservative politicians and judges, would investigate the issues that came up. The feeling of the dems was that conservatives were too stupid as a group and too willing to roll over and play dead and let this fraud plan go on with us saying “oh well, better luck in 2024”. Well democrats, did we have a surprise for you! We were awake and smelling the rotten stuff behind all of the last minute and after hours surges in votes for Biden! We conservatives are not stupid and it is now simply a matter of time until your games are exposed and people start going to jail. WAKE UP AMERICA AND STAY AFTER YOUR CONGRESS REPS TO KEEP THE AUDITS GOING AND EXPANDING!!!


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