OUTRAGE: Colorado Governor Says Kids Should Lie And Get Vaccine Without Parents Knowing

(Republican Insider) – You know you’re in the midst of a serious and deadly pandemic when massive college and professional sports venues are filling up weekend after weekend and when movies are raking in hundreds of millions of dollars in theaters.

Most cases of COVID aren’t even known about unless a test is done. That’s how serious and dangerous this virus is.

Despite a survival rate of 99.5%, the COVID-19 vaccines are being pushed, nay mandated, on every single human aged 12 and up in the US.

Natural immunity and healthy, functioning immune systems be damned. If you have a pulse, you must get the jab.

What if you have pesky “anti-vaxx” family members who would be heartbroken at the thought of you kowtowing to the demands of the corrupt federal government and Big Pharma?

No problem. Just lie and deceive them and get the shots anyway. Nothing could be more important that submitting to the will of usurper Joe Biden.

Colorado Governor, Democrat Jared Polis, is encouraging people to lie to family members and “privately” go out and get the experimental COVID vaccines. He says people should lie to their loved ones in order to comply with the illegal Biden mandates and the desperate pleas of Big Pharma.

“A spouse, a parent you live with who doesn’t want to get it, is against it… you can still privately get that vaccine without your partner knowing if that’s what keeps the harmony in the family and you are protecting yourself,” Polis said.

The Governor was quoted as saying, “You can still privately get vaccinated without your parent or spouse knowing if that keeps the harmony in your family and you’re protecting yourself. It doesn’t mean you have to share that with those you live with.”

Yeah, keep it a secret that you just went and got the COVID shot even though you’ll be shedding COVID like a dog in the summer and those you live with will, in fact, be in danger. No matter. Do what you must to protect “yourself.”

Fortunately, in the state of Colorado minors under the age of 18 are not allowed to give consent without the permission of a parent or guardian unlike in other Democratic strongholds.

In San Francisco, for example, children are allowed to consent to receiving one of the COVID vaccines if the parent cannot be reached within a certain time frame.

Currently the vaccines are only approved for children 12 and old though hospitals have been told by the government to start preparing for mass vaccination of children as young as 5-years-old soon.

Of course, Governor Polis’ suggestion to lie in order to get the vaccines is a horrible idea and a really, really divisive solution.

“Big Government has no business whatsoever in telling our children to lie to parents, keep secrets, and do as they are told,” wrote a conservative writer at Colorado Peak Politics. “If you don’t believe us, ask the Catholic Church how that worked out for them.”

Ouch. That was a brutal truth bomb and also incredibly accurate. Governor Polis is out of line and so are any other politicians or community leaders who encourage children to lie to their parents so they can get poked with a COVID shot.

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  1. Polis has always been the worst kind of legislator, going back decades. I couldn’t believe he made governor. When the Dems nominated him I thought good, no one will vote for such a far left radical like this, we’ll have a Republican governor. I was wrong. Polis spent millions of his own money for his campaign, out spent

  2. Suppose a child gets “the jab” unbeknownst to his or her parents. Suppose the child has adverse reactions and the parents don’t know what’s wrong with their kid. The truth will have to come out at some point. Any “sue you” lawyer will be eager to file a lawsuit. Minors aren’t mature enough to make such decisions without parental guidance.

  3. I can’t let this asshole go by with out saying something!!
    You tell your kid or kids the same thing you fucking idiot.
    You should be removed for endangering the welfare of all minors in your state.
    Glad I don’t live in Colorado!!
    Come on Trump!!!????????????????????????????????


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