Over 1,000 “Woke” Companies Unite Against Election-Integrity Laws As Corporate Hypocrisy Rages On

(Republican Insider) – Corporate America has seemingly forgotten their place. They exist at the mercy of consumers yet they behave as though their agendas and viewpoints should be of paramount concern to Americans.

A conglomerate of more than 1,000 companies standing in opposition of election integrity has formed in response to Georgia’s latest election reform legislation, signed into law by Governor Brian Kemp.

Naturally, these leftist companies argue that the Peach state tightening up voter ID laws is “racist” and “wrong.” They feign moral obligation in the name of “equality” in their condemnation of the laws meant to ensure our elections are free from fraud and corruption.

Keep in mind, not a single corporate CEO has been elected to his or her post. That isn’t stopping them, however, from injecting their indignation into government affairs meant to be handled by elected representatives of the American people.

Corporate America is attempting to turn the US into some kind of corporate oligarchy against the consent of the American people.

Major companies like Coca-Cola, Delta and the MLB have encouraged over 1,000 other companies to join them in their efforts to shame and punish Georgia over their efforts to secure elections.

It’s truly remarkable.

The Civic Alliance, that self-describes as a “nonpartisan group of businesses working together to build a future where everyone participates in shaping our country,” boasts on their website that its membership is now up to 1,119 companies.

These 1,119 supposedly “nonpartisan” companies employee more than 5 million people and reach many more million US consumers. They believe that they ought to determine how the US is run, not American voters.

“As a coalition of businesses, we use our voice, our brand, and our reach to strengthen our democracy. We support safe, accessible, and trusted elections, and we inspire our employees and customers to participate in civic life,” the Alliance states.

Ironically, they use the terms “safe” and “trusted” along with “accessible” to describe how they would like US elections to be. What they really want is for anyone residing in the country, regardless of immigration status, to be able to vote in our elections.

Illegal aliens are, after all, the only group in the US who face barriers in obtaining government issued photo ID.

The Civic Alliance issued a strongly-worded letter of condemnation last Friday in regards to Georgia’s efforts to “restrict” ballot access. The letter was signed by 200 companies including Salesforce, ViacomCBS and The Estée Lauder Companies.

“Companies have their fingers on the pulse of what’s going on with their consumers and employees, and this is a priority for folks and so companies are making it a priority for themselves,” said Mike Ward, co-founder of the Civic Alliance.

The letter said in part, “We stand in solidarity with voters – and with the Black executives and leaders at the helm of this movement – in our nonpartisan commitment to equality and democracy.”

The letter indignantly states that there are “hundreds of bills threatening to make voting more difficult in dozens of states nationwide.”

More difficult for who? Certainly not American citizens.

Other members of the Alliance include Amazon, Verizon, McDonalds, Microsoft, PayPal, Uber, Airbnb, Best Buy, Capital One, Dow, Hewlett Packard, Macy’s, Starbucks, United Airlines, Under Armor and Pepsico.

Notice how many of these woke companies individuals without ID can’t even do business with. Is Capital One going to start giving credit cards and loans to people without ID? Are United and Delta going to do away with ID verification for passengers? What about Uber? Are they going to start allowing drivers who cannot furnish proper drivers licenses?

We could go on and on, the hypocrisy is truly never-ending.

Go woke, go broke. Check out the full list of companies participating in the opposition to secure elections in the US and decide for yourself if it’s worth it to continue supporting these delusional, power-hungry corporations.

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  1. Let us all, as conservatives who love our country, remember that we are the reason these WOKE COMPANIES are still in business. In addition to having the right to vote, we also have the right to vote with our wallets and speak to these companies in the language they understand best – THE LOSS OF SALES! We must chose to not do business with companies who think they can dictate to us, as their customers, what we can and cannot do. Who in the world do these companies think they are?!?! We are consumers and we carry a vey big stick – our dollars that we do not spend with foolish businesses!

  2. Stupid ‘is’ as stupid ‘does’! NOt only should we avoid these companies, but wew should be pushing for uniform nation-wide voter reform…all starting with voter id. Here is a list of every place/business that requires and ID:
    *to purchase alcohol
    *to purchase cigarettes
    *to open a bank account
    *apply for food stamps
    *apply for welfare
    *apply for Medicaid/Social Security
    *apply for unemployment
    *rent or buy a car
    *Get on an airplane
    *get married
    *purchase a gun
    *rent a hotel room
    *apply for a hunting license
    *buy a cell phone
    *visist a casino
    *pick up a prescription
    *blood donation
    *Buy an “M” rated video game
    *purchase certain cold meds
    This is required of all, it is not racist or any other negative adjective. The only reason it isn’t being done seems to be for the high risk of cheating. Isn’t that sad and pathetic? There are probably more reasons too! Any one against this is on the wrong side of this argument…in my opinion.

  3. My fellow Americans I ask you to look at these companies and corporations that are standing against our right to want a legal election .They say we are racists . Someone please tell me how this is racist ! I stand behind showing Identification to vote . This in no way racist because everyone no matter what color or nationality has to show I D .It is time that we are not dictated to . We as a nation have to ask ourselves if buying their products (which enables them power) leaves us as weaklings . We need to boycott and not buy their services nor their products nor their entertainment .We are the people who don’t want our freedom of speech to be taken from us . This is a small sacrifice to make for our children and grandchildren so they will have the right to voice their opinions and have freedom.

  4. This is so stupid it is ludicrous!! So if we can’t have id’s to vote, then I am going to refuse to furnish an ID to every one of these companies, on the same stupid grounds they are using to say we shouldn’t have one to vote!! Furthermore, I refuse to do business with these companies!! I may just be one person, but as the song says: “if you don’t stand for something, you’ll stand for anything!!”

  5. It’s “if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” Can we really quit using Amazon, McDonald’s and PayPal? What could the conservatives in this country really accomplish if we quit using each of these companies for a day, a week, a month? Would be something to see.

  6. It’s being proposed in the Telegram group I’m in to boycott all of these companies from May 1st through May 7th, one week. Even if it’s just one day, preferably the 1st, but as many as you can. Yes, I mean Amazon, McDonald’s, Facebook, Twitter, Target, Best Buy, PayPal, MLB, NFL, NBA, PGA, NHL, NWHL, WBA, and any of the hundreds of internet only companies. Btw, did you notice how many of them are owned by Hispanics and other people of color? MLB is really pushing the racist thing, so ridiculous! But we do need to speak with our business and money, and these companies will get none of mine!

  7. Anyone owning stock in any of these companies should write them requesting this item be put on their agenda for their annual meetings to be voted on by the shareholders.

  8. The only reason you would be against voter ID is if you plan on cheating. All illegals could vote democrat if no ID is required.

  9. My comment moderators must be asleep there are only 5 comments and it has been 5 minutes and counting. I don’t need this site so I’m going elsewhere, RUMBLE!

  10. Let’s crush this socialist hypocrisy now! Without our money corporate America cannot remain in business. Boycott each and every one of them for six months and see how many remain solvent! Death to anti-American socialist hypocrisy.


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