Pelosi Announces Major Pay Increase For House Staff: ‘Dear Colleague’

(Republican Insider) – While Americans are struggling to make ends meet as inflation and high gas prices continue to cripple bank accounts, those in Washington will be living better than ever before.

House staffers will now be receiving a major pay increase in 2023, thanks to outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She announced that the House would raise its maximum annual salary for Congressional staffers to $212,000 in a Friday “Dear Colleague” letter to fellow lawmakers.

Pelosi had previously set a new minimum annual salary of $45,000 for staffers, which she boasted about in her letter announcing the new maximum salary.

She noted the House’s need to “retain and recruit the best talent in our nation” as a reason for raising the maximum annual salary. The new maximum is considerably more than what most elected House and Senate members make each year, which is set at $174,000.

Those in the Washington swamp are completely incapable of relating the struggles of Americans with salary ranges like that. The abysmal policies and moves made by the Biden regime don’t impact them like they do the rest of us.

Even still, a March report in Bloomberg revealed high staff turnover rates and expressed concern over a “brain drain” in Congress and many staffers were leaving for employment in the private sector.

The pay increase is also driven by staffers leaving to take positions as lobbyists, which is a far more lucrative career choice than carrying water for members of Congress.

The pay raise for staffers is accompanied by pay increases for federal employees across the board along with the military. Federal employees are expected to get a 4.6 percent increase between locality pay increases and annual salary increases. The military also saw a 4.6 percent pay increase.

Congressional staffers and some members of Congress have been complaining about being underpaid for years. Pelosi attempted to retain staffers last year by raising the maximum annual salary to $199,300 but it didn’t have the effect she was hoping for.

The Hill reported the increase last year was the first in over a decade after Congress voted to freeze standardized pay increases for House members and Senators in 2009.

Members of Congress, such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, might not be too excited at the news of increased staffer pay. AOC has been complaining her $174,000 a year salary is just not sufficient for having to live in Washington DC and her New York City congressional district.

Meanwhile, the average American worker makes around $54,000 a year. Must be nice to have their cake and eat it, too.

The second pay increase comes after a move to unionize by some House staffers earlier this year, which Pelosi supports, The New York Times reported.

Pelosi is set to give up her gavel Tuesday as the new 118th United States Congress takes over, giving Republicans control of the House.

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  1. What a dam joke, there isn’t one person in this government who should get a $10.00 raise, let alone what crazy ass Pelosi did. This administration should be taking a dam pay cut, they aren’t worth a dam. All these morons know how to do is spend our money like candy. I think one of the things that should change is government doesn’t get a pay increase until it is put on the ballot for every citizen to vote on. AOC bitches she can’t live on $174,000.00 a year, so move out of your expense high class apartment and live like the real people do. I think from the President down the salaries are crazy. Most people in this country work a 40 hour week, some even work 7 days a week, tell me who in this government works 4 days a week. Too bad Pelosi didn’t just get out all together, thought we would see the last of her old haggard face and she would stay home and take care of her old man Paul.


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