POLL: Biden’s Anti-Israel Campaign Backfires With Voters

(Republican Insider) – A brand new poll conducted by RMG Research/Gideon 300, has revealed that Americans, regardless of their political ideology and allegiances, are more against seeing the Jewish state of Israel agreeing to any sort of peace deal with the radical Islamic terrorists in Hamas and the Palestinian Authority than they were at the beginning of the conflict in Gaza. That’s understandable because as time has gone on since last October’s terrorist attacks, we’ve all been able to witness the horrible monstrosities Hamas is capable of.

And all of this comes about despite the best efforts of the Biden administration in applying pressure to Israel to come to an agreement with their enemies. I guess what it comes down to is Biden has terrible foreign policy.

According to Newsmax, “Israel decried and Hamas praised an abstention by the U.S. from a U.N. Security Council vote Monday that called for a cease-fire without demanding the release of the remaining hostages. Only 30% of U.S. voters say they support a peace deal with the PA, with a mere 10% strongly favoring such a pact, the RMG Research/Gideon 300 poll found.”

“Initially following Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack and massacre in Israel and the Israeli counterattack into Gaza, 55% of voters — including 27% strongly in favor — said they favored Israel agreeing to the peace deal with the terrorists. Among the developments since was PA Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki late last month indicating that the Fatah political faction was open to working together with Hamas,” the report continued.

“Later, when the situation is right, then we could contemplate that option. But what comes first is how to salvage the situation. How to salvage innocent Palestinian lives. How to stop this insane war and how to be able to protect Palestinian people,” he went on to say, as per The Times of Israel.

Matthew Faraci, the president of Gideon 300, put out a release on Wednesday saying the survey “reveals that voters are squarely opposed to any proposal that would force Israel to make a deal with terrorists, or those who support terror.”

“At the beginning of this survey, a slim majority favored the U.S. brokering a deal involving Palestinian Authority. However, after learning about the PA’s alignment with Hamas, voters dramatically switched their opinion, and — in the end — a strong majority across all parties opposed such a deal,” Faraci remarked. “The biggest seismic shift is among Democrats — who swung a stunning 30 points — but there is also significant movement with Independents and Republicans. Elected representatives in both parties should look past the noise and pay close attention to data revealing where the public really is on this issue.”

A total of 43 percent of individuals who are associated with the Democratic Party said they still support a peace deal, which is way down from the original 73 percent it was formerly.

Independent voters are now sitting at 28 percent support and were at 47 percent initially. Republicans are at 19 percent, down from 38 percent support.

“The RMG Research/Gideon 300 poll also found that 56% of voters say the PA’s actions make it part of the same terror cartel as Hamas. Just 17% say PA actions do not make it part of the same terror cartel as Hamas, and 27% are not sure. Gideon 300 partnered RMG Research, founded by Scott Rasmussen, in the national survey that was conducted among 1,000 likely voters March 11-12. No margin of error was given,” Newsmax noted in conclusion.

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